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CRC Scam redux: Someone should have stopped us

The  problem with arrogance is that it's both self perpetuating and geometric.

Locally, the three most arrogant, self-aggrandizing narcissists in all of politics, Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, Steve "The Liar" Stuart and Jim "Candy Man" Moeller have not become less arrogant and self-centered in their sure and certain knowledge that THEY are smart and WE are stupid.

Not at all.

Oh, The Liars are all about the will of the people when they campaign: we'll never forget that @OneTermTim lied though his teeth.... literally, for months.... that he was steadfastly opposed to tolls.... while Stuart lied about having a vote in November '11 on loot rail... failures that would have caused honorable men to resign in disgrace if they were possessed of anything approaching honor... as foreign a concept to those two as Sanskrit instructions for a frontal lobotomy.

But when push comes to shove, the real people come out... and they both have the singular concerns of getting elected and taking care of their buddies... even at our expense and when obviously against the will of the people they would govern.

In their arrogance, these slimeballs tell us that they, in fact, ARE doing the "will of the people;" after all, they were elected, weren't they?

Well, that's hard to argue except for two minor details:

They both lied to get elected... and the damage they have done.... and are doing... cannot be undone merely by UNelecting them... or indicting them... or imprisoning them.

And nothing drives these facts home more then the fiasco of Wenatchee and the "Town Toyota Center."

Built utilizing the same system preferred by those like The Liar Twins, 3 members of the Wenatchee City Council and their now UNelected mayor voted against the 3 members of the city council who actually represented the people and built WAYYYYY too much facility with WAYYYYY too little public support.

The result?

Default on the bonds.

It was as inevitable as another moronic Brancaccio column.  As inevitable as another garbage column from the Pit Yorkie.

And like our three idiots, those 4 people believed their judgment to be far superior to that of the mere mortals they would govern... which is why we're still entangled in the massive, wasteful black hole of the CRC and why idiot stick got stuffed, statewide, for his moronic candy tax.

Even now, these three, who are joined at the hip in their attempts to ram this crap pile down our throats, are all about doing it without asking us.

And we see how that formula worked out for Wenatchee, don't we?

Our situation is a replay on that little drama.  

You see, the electeds who voted for this are just like the pond scum ramming the CRC down our throat without asking us.

They're just like the total slimeballs who not only rammed the Hilton down our throats, but TWICE voted to sue the voters into silence because not only did they not CARE what the people thought, they actually went to court to stop from finding out.

And, of course, they're just like those same slimeballs who almost rammed an admissions tax down our throats without asking... like the same slimeballs making us all pay a tax for the people of Vancouver so they get Cadillac bus service at the expense of the rest of the county.... again... all without asking us.  (Yeah, I know, they asked a few people who were more than happy to get the benefit out of county-wide taxes without, of course, facing the benefit of the county-wide "no" vote that would result.)

See, there's a great deal in common with the same morons who are sticking it to the taxpayers in the area not only in Wenatchee proper, but in the communities surrounding Wenatcheee who, like us, weren't even asked... but who are damned sure expected to pony up for this scam debacle of a civic center more suited to support a city the size of Portland... and which only managed to pay off 3 million of a 45 million dollar debt.... meaning that there is now a $42 million default staring that entire region in the eye... a default that they've been trying to scam the entire state to pay.

The money quote in all of this is provided by the local daily newspaper... a paper that likely was as wildly supportive of their scam as our local rag supports the CRC.... the Pollard Hilton... the Ballpark... and all of the other massive expenditures at our expense... all without asking us of course, because WE are TOO STUPID.

"Someone should have stopped us."

To those shilling the crap confronting us locally, the arrogance is precisely the same HERE as it was in Wenatchee: you see, in their minds, WE don't know what we're talking about.  And WE interfere with their tyrannical agenda.

Well, for those of you unfamiliar with the Wenatchee debacle, I suggest that you read up on it... because you're reading up on our future.  And for the morons who bleat that if the people don't like it, they can always "unelect" those morons who voted for it.... a question:

Now that those clowns have been "UNelected," how would those babbling this crap... the Brancaccios, the Lairds, the Identity Vancouvers, The CRUDECS, the Chambers of Horrors.... how are they going to "UNbuild" this massive black hole of scarce tax dollars so that this just goes away?

Well, they're not.

And that brings us to this editorial by the WW.... no, not the Willamette Week, but the Wenatchee World.

It's nice to see that there actually IS a newspaper that can admit they were wrong: our local carbuncle on society would commit mass suicide before they'd even consider such a thing.

So, here it is..... our future... a pattern of ignoring the people but making those same ignored people financially responsible for that they do... because these clowns are really, really good at spending OPM... Other People's Money.

The problem here, of course, is that it's too late for Wenatchee.  But they SHOULD serve as an example to the morons WE have in government... those just ITCHING to pay off their buddies with OUR money into perpetuity.

The increasing irony HERE is that MANY have, and ARE, trying to stop OUR clowns from getting this stupid before it's too late.

But EXACTLY like those same kind of slimeballs in Wenatchee... they won't listen.

And see what it got them.

When it comes to the Pollard Hilton, unable to meet it's obligation without taxpayer assistance, that message should have been asked years ago.

What's going to happen when the CRC/loot rail scam, so vastly over-promised and so utterly undelivered fails to make anything approaching the impact they've been promising?  What do we do then?  Who do we "unelect" then?  

And how will we "UNbuild" this massive crap pile waste of billions?

Well, here's the cautionary tale:
Someone should have stopped us
Saturday, December 10, 2011
If only ...
If only someone with sense and financial acuity could have dug through the wishful thinking and pipe dreams and told us it wasn’t going to work. Maybe a quick dose of sobriety might have saved us, and we would not have built Town Toyota Center. We would not be saddled with a $42 million debt and no means to pay it. We could not be blamed for financial contagion or embarrassed by our foolishness, lack of foresight, empty due diligence, poor judgment and pending insolvency. Maybe we would not be waiting for the lawyers of the world to scour us clean to satisfy part of our horrid debt. If only ...
But there wasn’t anybody to save us from ourselves, not really. There were people who could see it coming, who knew that fanciful numbers that pop out of developer’s heads are no substitute for cold truth and analysis, and that we were taking an enormous risk. Their voices were soft, drowned in civic enthusiasm for near impossibilities. There was no state agency, experienced in budgetary analysis and municipal finance, to say, hey, wait a minute, 4,200-seat arenas don’t make million-dollar profits. It is wrong, risky and dangerous to borrow money on the assumption they will. The state treasurer does not have that in his job description. The state auditor can tell you you’re wrong after you do it.
This may change with a small and little-noticed bill introduced last week (in 2012) by Sen. Ed Murray, chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and co-sponsored by Sen. Linda Evans Parlette and a bipartisan array of others. It would require an “independent financial feasibility review” before a public facilities district is formed, before it issues public debt, and before it buys or builds a facility. The review would be performed by Department of Commerce Municipal Research and Services Center. “The review must examine the potential costs to be incurred by the public facility district and the adequacy of revenues to meet those costs.”
This is an excellent idea. As much as it pains us to say it, we should cheer anything that makes it harder to be another Wenatchee.
This is the opinion of The Wenatchee World and its Editorial Board: Publisher Rufus Woods, Editor Cal FitzSimmons, Chief Financial Officer Janine Bakken and Editorial Page Editor Tracy Warner.
See, when the people... like me... objected to this trash pile, you wanna bet that this newspaper reacted to them the same way our cancerous wart of a pig's knuckle rag treats us?

The huge irony for THEM is that had they asked... they WOULD have been stopped.

And like the scum we have here... they had no interest IN asking... because it's so inconvenient when you're confronted with the proof at the polls that your "vision" isn't shared by those paying the bills.

The Result?  Quoting Mr. Spock, the slimeball public money spenders of Wenatchee have discovered that "....there is much more to the wanting than there is to the having."

Now, the fact is they regret not listening.... they regret not asking.  But their long-after-the-fact "regret" isn't going to fix any of this.

And now.... there isn't enough crow for those arrogant, narcissistic "know betters" to eat... either there....

....or here.

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