Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The myth of the "single-issue candidate."

Commissioner David Madore has taken a lot of flack over a great deal that boils down to these issues:

1.  He bought his seat.

2.  The CRC is his only issue.

Those enamored of these two points are typically those who oppose Madore's CRC positions.  They look for reasons to hate him (And for many, let's face it: it is hate.) and the local rag has repeated these lines over and over and over again.

The first issue is, of course, a gross insult to those who voted for him (I, for the record, voted for neither Madore nor Boldt) and belittles them much like the newspaper and the CRC shillers belittle those opposed to their scheme.

It's to pro-offer the explanation that what Madore campaigned on made no sense; that those who voted for him did so because they were stupid, misinformed, easily swayed or otherwise ignorant of the greatness that was pro-CRC (and pro-democrat) former Commissioner (and ostensible Republican) Marc Boldt.

As a consultant, I don't believe that Madore ran a particularly efficient race, but he ran an undeniably effective campaign, given the outcome.

Marc Boldt had long since lost touch with the undercurrent of seething anger at those in government who fail to recognize that the will of the people isn't something to be tossed aside like yesterday's loaf of bread.

Because he had lost touch and his ability to listen had eroded to the point of political deafness, Marc became his own biggest liability.  He simply could not believe that he would be rejected at the polls.  He had no plan B.

He lived in a political cocoon, used by others at his expense to achieve their aims.

The building rage of the citizenry of Clark County at Marc's willing efforts to victimize all of us to achieve the aims of the democrats passed completely over Marc's head.  He stopped being the fighter, the dragon slayer that he'd been as a state representative and instead, morphed into a useful tool of the left.

Those who, essentially, condemn Madore for using his own money to get elected have little to say about the democrats who did much the same.  They absolutely refuse to understand that had Boldt been possessed of the same fiscal ability, he would have used it the same way Madore utilized his money.

They make Madore out to be some kind of a devil with cash.  But the underlying element of all of this is based on the fact that they oppose his political positions generally and his stance on the CRC specifically.

You see, here's the bizarre aspect of their position:

Even if Madore WAS a "single-issue" candidate, they completely ignore the fact that when the issue in question is the biggest, most important issue facing the people of a political electorate... the issues that suck both all of the air AND all of the light out of the political room... and you have two candidates on precisely opposite positions on that issue....

...well, it's perfectly all right when you happen to be on the side of the people on that issue.

Madore made a calculated series of campaign decisions that I did not agree with in a tactical sense.  But I also did not work, in any way, manner, shape or form for Mr. Madore, so I was hardly in a position to make my thoughts on his tactics known to him.

But what had happened was the left and the democratian newspaper (One in the same, actually) had worked so very hard to define Madore that he was, he believed, forced to spend major money to flip their perception... a likely unnecessary effort granted in the 20/20 of hindsight.

The vote shows the left has badly miscalculated how deeply the undercurrent of hatred for this rip off project actually runs.

It crosses all demographics.  It's a bi-partisan hatred.  It's such an obvious, massive waste that is so corrupted by the special interests infesting us, that almost every voter in the county is aware of what a massive, unfathomable rip off this scam really is.

The democrats felt like Boldt: Hinton doesn't know what he's talking about, the people really want light rail and a new bridge and ever-increasing tolls for the next 3 decades and beyond... they really, really want to see $100,000,000  or more sucked out of our local economy every year for the indefinite future.

They were wrong.

Madore felt it.  He felt the seething rage building against Boldt.  Boldt losing didn't make that rage disappear.  On the contrary, Steve Stuart is certain to feel it should he be foolish enough to run for reelection.  The Liar is likely to see it first hand next November.

And now, our congresswoman is feeling it.  She fails in her duty to kill the federal funding for this rip off at her own peril because Madore has an off-year election coming up and a 12 gauge checkbook locked and loaded at Ridgefield Barbie.

A word to the wise, Babs: you had best get off the dime and get this funding stopped and muy-pronto... or you're likely to face someone who believes that he's doing the Lord's Work to stop this nonsense and who is possessed of the means to get rid of you.

Madore's use of his own money is unpalatable to those who oppose him.  They remained silent in the face of Joe Tanner's use of HIS own money... because, of course, when a democrat does it, that's different.

Madore's single-minded and primary focus on tapping into the necessary rage of the voter required to unseat an incumbent is neither surprising nor anything but a political master-stroke.

His subsequent actions in that regard... is Madore keeping his promises.

Unlike Boldt, when county staff tells him something that makes no sense, Madore refuses to accept it at face value.  And that's why the paper hates him and why staff fears him.  They now have someone there who they cannot "handle."  They're now confronted with a conservative who, in fact, puts the people first, ahead of the special interests who took ownership of Marc Boldt so soon after he became a commissioner.

No... it wasn't Madore's money that got him the win.  Boldt ran a terrible campaign in a variety of ways.  But the fact is that there was nothing Marc could do, just like there's nothing Stuart can do, as the CRC becomes the political anchor around their necks that will end their local political careers.

Lipstick on a pig and all that rot, eh, wot?

Meanwhile, Commissioner Madore and Commissioner Mielke are at work to right the local ship of state.  They've made their positions on the issues confronting us clear, childish playground histrionics of the left notwithstanding, and they are here for the next 4 years.

Ain't it cool?

And if they materially aid in getting rid of this moronic CRC scam?

Then they could run for Pope and win around here.

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