Sunday, February 24, 2013

The community rejoices: Laird to quit.

Few people I know have so stridently harmed the community unfortunate enough to have him as John Laird, democrat propaganda coordinator for the local democratian.

Fewer still have done more to stifle dissent of the democratian agenda, to viciously attack those wise enough to oppose his delusions while simultaneously doing all he can to damage the community he thinks so highly of with a flair for propaganda that makes Goebbels spin in hell in envy for his art, and makes Baghdad Bob blush with unfulfilled promise as a master propaganda minister.

John Laird would have served us best by never coming up here.  He never understood the people that make up this county beyond those of the downtown mafia he so admires.  Quick to condemn anyone or idea to the right of Mao, Laird has lied, mislead, exaggerated and misdirected on most of the issues of import to the people of Clark County, deliberately maintaining silence in the face of leftist intransigence, lies and corruption while taking great delight in making it up as he goes along about anyone with an "R" after their name.

Lies on every conceivable subject, from the CRC scam, to loot rail, to tolls, to the local GOP (which he frequently attacked) while not even beginning the concept of fairness or even-handedness by placing his fellow leftists under the same scrutiny... that's been the watchword of his despicable tenure.  With any luck at all, he'll take his goat-smelling ass back to Texas, or some other democrat utopia like Detroit (And man, have his sort done a great job with THAT city, or what?)

He has long been a plague on this community, not unlike Lightheel Lou... and for what seems like decades, Stephanie Rice... who's selective journalism and giving the left a pass is the stuff of legend.

Muted celebration by anyone who doesn't view Obama or Lenin as a hero will be the response to his impending departure.  And then, he'll be forgotten like his predecessor and other fringe-left nutters who've gone on before and who's memory has been shunned.

He cannot be gone fast enough, although we already know deep down inside that he'll be replaced by yet another fringe-left, CRC scam loving moron because, well, that's how this rag rolls.

Soon enough his fellow travelers will join him.  And maybe... just maybe... Scott Campbell MIGHT bring someone on board dedicated to telling the truth, unlike the lying scum he's had working for him for so long.

But it ain't likely.

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