Sunday, February 17, 2013

Democratian goes gaga over DOA gun bill, lionizes a RINO.

For reasons set fourth previously, my senate sources have been telling me since this abortion first reared it's ugly head that it stands no chance in the Senate... those pesky Republicans who actually run the joint notwithstanding.

It's not surprising that the kool aid-drinking fringe leftists infesting the rag would babble over this gun-grabbing idiocy... leftist gullibility is a hallmark... why else would they be leftists?

The problems with this bill are self-evident to all except the most ardent gun-grabbing, anti-2nd Amendment nut.

The democratian does that all too frequently:  take poorly thought out positions on a wide variety of issues, some not their concern, others just flat out wrong.  Even this debacle has that element of malice their editor is known for, brushing aside GOP resistance in the senate to a bill that's dead but doesn't know enough to keel over.

And when it comes to "absurd arguments," one only has to look at just about any Columbian editorial to see an example: their positions are rife with absurdity, and, as this warped effort shows, rank hypocrisy.

It's all-too-typical of our despicable rag of a daily paper that they would support a position where-in they advocate that those of us who follow the law be punished for the acts of those who do not.

I've lived here since 1988, and since that time, I've longed for a newspaper of fact, fairness and rational analysis.  Unfortunately, The Reflector (which most closely matches that dream) is only a weekly and we have to settle for the community cancer known as the Columbian.

Some day, hopefully quite soon, this used toilet paper will finally and irrevocably go bankrupt, and become the footnote of things that went wrong in this community as it disappears.

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