Thursday, January 31, 2013

The democratian, with predictable regularity, blows it on the illegal alien issue.

A few days ago, I wrote about the RINO Rubio Plan to reward millions of criminals with the ultimate prize for their disrespect of our laws: the so-called "path to citizenship," or amnesty.

It's a far left-argument: our laws are meaningless, our borders are meaningless, the murders, rapes and robberies our open borders result in, the drugs, the billions wasted on illegal's schooling, social services and medical care... meaningless.  That this plan solves nothing except in his mind, a tiny bump in the Hispanic vote when he runs for president: meaningless.

That we tried this once before in Reagan's perhaps most monumental screw up back in 86.  You remember that, don't you?  Millions were allowed in and given the brass ring of amnesty.

With predictable regularity, here's how the democratian, typically leaving out a few very pertinent facts, spewed it:.

In Our View: Apple State Needs Reform

Immigration issues affect at least two groups of workers here in Washington

With predictable regularity, TV news stories about immigration show video clips of barriers on the United State's southern border with Mexico. The northern border with Canada is consistently ignored. When was the last time you saw one of these televised reports with images of the Peace Arch on Interstate 5, which connects Blaine, Wash., and Surrey, B.C.? But recent good news that immigration reform might be accomplished by the new Congress profoundly impacts our state. The effects are seen at both the low- and high-income levels of the pay scale. A Tuesday editorial in The Spokesman-Review of Spokane explains: "Orchardists have complained of labor shortages for years, and the problem has worsened as improved border security cut off the flow of labor from Mexico and nations farther south. More and more fruit is falling to the ground — wasted — despite the adoption of more mechanized harvesting." Thus, the eastern half of the state yearns for immigration reform.
The problem with the agricultural lie?

This country now has more illegal aliens in it then we've have ever had.


So, a shortage of agricultural workers equates to something else when the population that typically provides them suddenly doesn't: that population is now taking other jobs of a non-agricultural variety from the citizens those jobs should rightly go to.

That the rag doesn't mention this inconvenient truth is part of their pattern of withholding information that could alter the factual outcome.

It's a well established pattern of the rag on subjects ranging from Tim "The Liar" Leave-it to downtown redevelopment.... the Pollard Taxpayer-Subsidized Hilton, the Ballpark Scam and most assuredly, the CRC rip off that facts of a non-supportive nature rarely darken the pages of that newspaper.

This is no different.

We have no shortage of illegals.. After all the United States is THE destination resort for those who happen to be minorities and who also happen to be deliberately willing to break our laws as a result. The disingenuous pap of this editorial completely overlooks/ignores that fact.

Not to worry.  That's just how Lou and the Pit Yorkie roll.

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