Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shouldn't the "path to citizenship" start with obeying our laws?

I suppose when we're cursed by both a Congress of a type that would have Ridgefield Barbie in it and a White House that seems populated by total sellouts, this kind of idiocy is inevitable.

What we have here is a short-sighted "solution" that solves absolutely not one damned thing and which will, in aggregate, make the lives of Americans worse.... not better.

Isn't it the responsibility of our government to act in such a way where Americans can have a better life?

Then why is it they seem ever so much more concerned about the criminals infesting us?

We're confronted with what amounts to a catastrophe.  And instead of meeting this challenge with force.... instead of doing the right thing.... instead of enforcing the law.... instead of innovation and holding those accountable who enable this debacle... what do we do as a "fix?"

We reward those who break our laws.

How stupid is that?

Ultimately, the questions have to be asked: what is the ultimate goal here?

So far, we've been lucky to a degree.  The last time this idiocy took place, during the Reagan Administration, that action promised to fix illegal immigration for all time.  Illegals have only raped, robbed and murdered so many of us that the number is unimportant to the slime making this decision.

So.... how'd that work out for us?

Someone much wiser than I defined insanity in a well-known way.... it's to do the same things, over and over... while somehow, expecting a different outcome.

Well?  Did that happen?

Of course not.  Because when we abandon principle.... when we ignore our own laws.... when we continue to make the United States THE destination resort of illegal aliens, what do they expect to happen?

What do they expect to happen now?

Do they expect that rewarding illegal aliens with this horrific program will somehow stop future illegals from wanting to come here.... and, in fact, actually doing so?

Why wouldn't they come here?  This is the brass ring for the poor.  With all the programs we have in place... like IN-STATE TUITION FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.... why wouldn't they want to come here?

Look, here's the reality: the amnesty program RINO Rubio and McCain and so on advocate will avail them nothing politically.  Rubio desperately wants to be in the White House.  He's pandering here at the cost to the American people of dumping millions of illegals into our laps that we will have to pay for.

And he's doing it all for him.

Not for us.



They won't apply.  They won't qualify.  They'll miss the cutoff.  They won't be able to afford to pay "back taxes" or a "fine" (Yeah, right...)


Nothing.  Because this same lack of logic... this same garbage heap of a "fix," will be applied to those who don't... or won't.... make the cut.

But the scum shilling this want to make us believe that it will... that somehow, magically, millions more will stop coming.

Are you fricking KIDDING ME????

It will cost those of us actually paying taxes BILLIONS, of course.  Social service costs like welfare and Medicade and Medicare will skyrocket.  Schools, already overcrowded, will explode both in size and the need for ESL teachers.

And here's John McCain complaining about how the GOP doesn't get the Hispanic vote, stupidly failing to understand that even if this garbage is fully implemented, they STILL won't get that vote.  For a case study, just look at RINO Rob McKenna or RINO Reagan Dunn.  They both pandered to the fringe left in about every imaginable way.  And what did it get them?

Look, I'll be the first to admit that minorities are typically racist voters.  They will vote for another minority ONLY because he/she is another minority. 

See, 95% of the black voters in this country voted for the half-white Barack Obama ONLY because he is a SPECTACULAR president.  Get it?

A few more (as a percentage) may vote for RINO Rubio (although I will never do so) because of his name and skin color: but the majority of these people will continue to vote democrat because they have become democrat dependencies.  They trade their freedom for stuff... and all of us lose as a result.

And women?  They're the same.  Women will vote their gender much more than most people know... it's good for a 3 to 5% bump in most elections.

In fact, the only people not allowed to vote their race or gender are white males.  Because if we were to do that, it would be racist and/or bigoted.

To put a point on it, the GOP effort to screw us here aids and abets the dem effort to do the same.

It's almost exactly like the CRC: they both want to waste billions, accomplish nothing, and they're doing it in the name of political expediency.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should have absolutely nothing to do with a "pathway to citizenship."  Because the first step in that journey shouldn't be in violation of the laws that you obviously don't give a rat's ass about.

I WELCOME LEGAL immigration.  But I DESPISE the idea that because someone choses to come here and break our laws they should get any special treatment of any kind as a result in the face of the millions around the world who can't.

That waste of skin in the White House is all ABOUT "fairness."  So, tell me: what, exactly, is "fair" about this scam?  What is "fair" about rewarding those pissing on our laws while penalizing those who don't VIOLATE our laws by forcing them to wait years for what those here illegally have now?

It's not only NOT "fair," it's immoral and unethical.  And that the GOP or anyone IN it would support that...

Yes, legal immigration is tough, expensive and it takes a long time.  But so what?

This is the UNITED STATES.  You want to come here?

It SHOULD BE tough.  It SHOULD BE expensive.  And it should take at least a decade... just like it does for those actually OBEYING OUR LAWS.  AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAY IF YOU GOT HERE ILLEGALLY.

Adding 30 or 40 million more people we cannot afford (These criminals will, of course, be able to get visas for their extended families once they go through the process, you see) by rewarding them is not the way.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to eliminating any program that makes this an attractive option.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to the confiscation, imprisonment and fines for those who hire illegals.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to requiring schools and hospitals to identify illegal aliens and notify ICE so they can deport them.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to disqualifying anyone here illegally from EVER becoming a citizen or legal resident.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to making it illegal for illegals to own property, or to sell them property.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to eliminating illegals from our school and social program systems.

"Comprehensive immigration reform" should be limited to refusing housing to anyone who can't prove their status.

If you take THESE steps, the illegal alien problem will take care of itself... because they will leave of their own accord.

If you FAIL to take these steps, as we failed the LAST time we did a "cure all," then 10, or 20, or 30 years from now.... guess what?

If we survive as a Nation?

We'll be doing this all over again.

Because the Rubio Ripoff solves nothing.  It accomplishes, nothing.  And it stops.... nothing.

It will cost us billions and billions.  It will increase over-crowding in our frequently already over-crowded schools and prisons.  It will take millions of jobs away from American citizens... much like, come to think of it, they do now.

But the Rubio Ripoff will do absolutely nothing to solve the problem, which is to end the idea that all you have to do is cross the border.... and you've got it made. 

Short-sighted legislation rarely does.

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