Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated with letter: Sen. King, Washington Senate Transportation Co-Chair, makes his case to "fix" the CRC, INCLUDING the elimination of loot rail.

I am completely opposed to the CRC.  Loot rail or no, what we need here are ADDITIONAL bridges, not to replace an already paid-for bridge that's perfectly functional, perfectly safe, and has several more decades of service left to give... a not even thinly veiled plan to scam us with loot rail, making this the most expensive loot rail scam in history.

Sen. Curtis King (R-14th District) represents part of Clark County and serves at the Transportation Committee Co-Chair in the Senate.  He sent out a list of what amounts to demands concerning this massive waste of time, energy, effort and money today, making it clear that if these conditions are not met, the $450 million the CRC Gang are wanting to rape us for will simply not happen.

The conditions?
The bridge must have a height that will serve at least 98 to 99% of all traffic, current and future.  The current plan by the CRC is not acceptable.

The project "...must increase the flow of traffic and commerce over a vital interstate highway."

We need to eliminate costly and inflexible light rail.

There must be "fiscally prudent transit options" over the bridge.

 The bridge must be ten lanes, a bus lane each way and 2 plus HOV lanes.

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While I don't support the project at all, the heads exploding among the downtown mafia/CRUDEC/Chamber of Horrors and WADOT types supporting this rip off makes me very happy about this letter.

In one letter and 2 weeks of a single legislative session, Sen. King and his allies have accomplished more than Ridgefield Barbie has in 5 years of wasted elected tenure.

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