Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ridgefield Barbie and the GOP screw us all again: Add hundreds of billions more to the debt... and NO CUTS.

It's to our misfortune that we have a bobble-headed doll "representing" us in Congress.

She's a slimy self-promoting coward who doesn't think for one second about what's best for her constituency.  Built from spare parts laying around Cathy McMorris's office, she lacks the guts to face her constituency in a town hall meeting setting, because this empty-headed buffoon lacks the smarts of a board fence and really doesn't like being held accountable for her actions... or discussing them/justifying them, either.

She does an imitation of the RCA dog back-bencher: "Her Master's Voice:" 

  It's the kind of thing I've grown to expect from this over-grown adolescent. 

She lives to do what she's told, and is properly rewarded for it by getting the "atta-girl" props of power on Appropriations.  Her sock-puppet, Casey Bowman, who does all the talking (and likely, all the thinking) , communicates for her by email, since she's apparently incapable of communicating for herself.

And, we can expect that he'll be working double-overtime to justify her betrayal of the people of her district and Clark County.  We'll get the talking point lies of Barack O'Boehner, of course; we'll get told that they'll make their stand on the debt ceiling issue... and so on... and so on.

It's all lies, of course.  Once again, the GOP has proven that when it comes to drawing a line in the sand, the only thing they're good at is drawing another line.  And then another.  And another.

So, we're in for a couple of months that will make the nastiness and vitriol of the campaign look like a fender-bender.

The GOP SHOULD, of course, have made their stand HERE.  Today was the Schwerpunkt.  Today.  Now.

And when the time came, what did the GOP do?

What those cowardly scum ALWAYS do: they caved.  They talked about how much the bill, that none of them had read, sucked... and then they, including that blithering idiot representing us in DC... that woman who has never held a private sector job, bought a house, or accomplished a single thing.

What happened today is that O'Boehner was played like a cheap violin.  And we are all going to suffer for it.  Obama set the tone, and the GOP wouldn't do anything about it.  And now we're in for months of that moron's redistribution fantasies.

And part of the reason for that is because of that cowardly waste of skin who just sold us out as the price for getting her new committee assignment.

We all just assumed another $2500 or so... each... in actual debt, not including interest... just from today's betrayal.

Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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