Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's tough when you have a psychopathic liar as president: he shoots off his mouth more than he shoots skeet.

It's to our misfortune that we have a psychopathic megalomaniac as president of the United States.

The man lies so often that he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass.

Further, he doesn't know the difference between a firing pin and a bowling pin.

He is, historically, a despicable human being who has done far more harm then good to this country, who has inflicted pain on us that will last for generations; who has corrupted the presidency and lied to the American people with a frightening ease.

And now this:

This is a result from his knee-jerk lie of yesterday:
By Meghashyam Mali - 01/27/13 07:40 AM ET
President Obama says he regularly skeet shoots at Camp David and called on gun-control proponents to “do a little more listening” to gun owners in the national debate over firearms.
In an interview with The New Republic posted on Sunday Obama said that he and guests “do skeet shooting all the time” at the presidential retreat and said he understood why many rural voters were protective of their gun-ownership rights.

So many bald-faced lies is so few paragraphs.

I'm not going to suggest that all presidents lie to a degree.  But none have lied so badly, so stupidly, and hurt this Nation so much as Barack Obama.

He makes me ashamed of my government.

I'd list the lies, the crime, the corruption, the debt that will, ironically, enslave future generations who are likely never to know anything approaching a debt-free country.

But I've only got a 24 hour day to work with, and only so much space on my blog.

Ironic, isn't it?

The example this moron sets?  What would happen to a family.... any family.... who lived like Obama lives?

While going bankrupt, weekly parties on the taxpayer dime at the White House.  Lavish vacations on the taxpayer's dime, even when our economy was at it's worst.  The idea of "shared sacrifice" from an asocial man who wouldn't know "sacrifice" if it bit his nose off.

A man who hates the military with a passion, who disrespects those both serving... and who have served... with his actions towards the military, including social engineering that will unnecessarily spill our blood while this simple moron guts our capabilities to pay off his base with "stuff...." over freedom.

There's not even a light at the end of this guy's tunnel, because he's extinguished it.

Hopefully, he won't extinguish us with it.


SoulStraw3 said...

I NEVER get tired of being right! You are a racist scumbag! when it comes to hateful insults, racist Nazi-like remarks and foul language, the racist right has it covered!
First of all, I’d bet if POTUS said he smoked weed and cocaine she’d (along with you people on this site) would believe him without wanting to go out and do it with him. He admitted to it. But nobody challenge him to a smoke-off or snort-off.
It’s tiresome that everytime Obama says or does something,no matter how good it might be and no matter how much it will help the country, you Republican racists will have something negative to say about him.
Is Barack Obama a traitor to America? No Is Barack Obama a homosexual? Where is the proof? No Is Barack Obama a mulsm? No Is Barack Obama an evil man? No Is Barack Obama a fraud? No Is Barack Obama a Narcissist? No Does Barack Obama hate America? No Is Barack Obama destroying America? No Is Barack Obama a dictator? No Is Barack Obama a liar? No

You make disparaging remarks about the first lady’s backside and you called her “moochelle”. Would you be happy if someone did that about your wife?
What does the bible say, judge not lest ye be judged? Whatever happened to that lesson? Long forgotten on these boards. You racists have the galls the call the President a liar WHILE spreading the long-proven lie of him being gay! we have dumbass ignorant Americans calling the man a marxist.
Anyone who calls Obama a scum, a coward, or a POS is a racist, plain and simple!

Just a guy said...

I do so enjoy a calm, intellectual discussion where our differences can be explored.