Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's time for the Clark County GOP to sanction Herrera.

It wasn't that long ago that the Clark County GOP wised up and sanctioned Marc Boldt for voting part and parcel as a democrat.

How did Jaime Herrera react?

Well, since Boldt screwed us all by appointing that simple idiot, she returned the favor by stupidly endorsing Boldt for re-election, slapping the entire local GOP organization as a result. 

Not that it mattered.

But now, we have a history to look at: Herrera, co-sponsored and voted for SEIU legislation that would have required day care workers to be unionized AND the day care OWNERS to pay their union dues;

She voted with the democrats to empty out the last $229 million in the state emergency fund.

She passed precisely zero bills, either in Olympia... or Washington. D.C.

She's repeatedly voted to raise the debt ceiling, she's sold her butt for a better seat on Appropriations by throwing us under the bus.

Each and every one of these issues are democrat-centric and advocated.

It's time for the PaulBots to man up and dough-pop that moron.

It's time to slap back.  She needs to be kicked out of the GOP, just like her local mentor, Boldt.

Will they have the guts to do it?


Anonymous said...

Dear Paulbots:

We hated it when you ran a Congressional candidate, and we didn't support him. In fact, we campaigned against him in favor of Brian Baird. Then we criticized all of you for not getting in line behind Jaime Herrera even though you knew she was a terrible candidate. Now would you please 'do us a solid' and sanction the congresswoman that we elected? Golly, we'd really appreciate it.

Love, Kelly and friends.

P.S. Of course, you realize we still won't stand behind you after you do our dirty work for us, and we will also probably criticize you some more for being anti-Republican. Sorry about that.

Just a guy said...

Dear Anonymous PaulBot: We didn't care that you ran another losing moron to match Paul: Paul or any PaulBot candidate had no chance of any kind regardless of anything I said, just like that idiot Paul never had a chance to be president.

Personally, having wished that Herrera, a worthless waste of political skin, had been hit by a political truck, you've obviously confused me with someone else when you make the bizarre and incorrect claim that *I* EVER criticized the 'Bots for not getting behind that moron Herrera.

Lying about me or what I've written in the past is no way to move your ball forward.

And yeah, could you do us a solid and treat Herrera the exact same way you treated Boldt? Man, talk about bizarre... why, the very IDEA you'd treat everyone the same... who could POSSIBLY think that holding all elected GOP office holders the same level of accountability might be something you'd want to do?

PS: If you fail to do this, it's just another sign of your rampant political incompetence and hidden agenda. Treating everyone the same is the thing, you see... it's what the PaulBots falsely claimed they wanted.

Know what I mean, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, Just a Guy. You are trying to blame Paulbots for sanctioning Marc Boldt when they had absolutely no role in doing so. You are also trying to get them to commit political suicide by sanctioning a sitting Republican Congresswoman. Brilliant! You would never do this if you were in charge...of course, nobody would ever put you in charge, but that is another story.

Just a guy said...

Apparently, reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.

I NEVER "blamed" the 'Bot's for having anything to DO with Boldt. I AGREED with the sanctions against Boldt, I never "blamed" anyone for doing what had to be done... which is why I suggest they do the same thing now to Ridgefield Barbie.

But that you might think that happened just goes to the heart of the matter of why your sort is dangerous in politics.

You see things the way you want. Not the way they are.

As for what I would do if I were in charge?

As a former occupant of the Executive Director's chair of the WSRP, I've BEEN in charge. So yes, I WOULD do it, just like I blasted Marc Boldt, my own brother-in-law for the year before this most recent election.

Thanks for stopping by, but due to your inability to grasp reality, this conversation is over.