What a silly statement: The facts are the that the anti-CRC Klan are communists! (pay.
no attention to the use of "Klan" and "communist" is the same sentence)
They will do just about anything to keep their issue in front of the voter. And
keep voting on the same thing until they get the result they want. Regardless
that our elections are considered one of the cleanest and Kimsey and his "Klan"
ignore *ahem* NO ballots!! The anti-CRC crowd will still call our auditor
"corrupt" until he succumbs to the pressure of their will.... They will confuse
the public with make-believe statistics regardless of the scientific data...and
finally, they will accuse those that support the CRC of making money
on it as the ONLY reason they would support it.

They mention nothing of the better world for our children with a infrastructure for
the 21st century or the secure middle class with jobs in this state or a
stronger middle class with prosperity to provide for their families. The anti-CRC
Klan is a losing game for our community and our future.