Sunday, December 30, 2012

The democratian blows it again, typically confusing motion with action.

Stuck in the middle of their all-too-typical confusion of motion with action mind-set, the democratian is urging that new laws be implemented that will accomplish absolutely nothing to address the problems confronting us regarding armed massacres in gun-free zones.

Their example, swathed in what they believe to be NRA cred, is this:
Require background checks for every gun purchase.
Require background checks on gun shop employees.
Prohibit individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.
Require gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen.
Establish minimum (federal) standards for concealed carry permits.
In their typically slanted and biased way, the fringe-left nutters running the democratian neglect to mention that the whack job behind this bill, Rep. Jim Moran  of West Virgina is a DEMOCRAT, best known for being forced to fire his son (campaign manager) because he was stupid enough to publicly discuss the ways he preferred his voter-fraud techniques...

That aside, these are just more unenforceable laws that would have done absolutely nothing to impact the Newtown massacre, thus making this just another effort of confusing motion... with action.  Most of these ideas are utterly moronic.  And taking it a step further, they are not POSSIBLE to enforce.

And most importantly... how would ANY of these NEW laws have done ANYTHING to stop Newtown?

They wouldn't.  And thus, the rag advocates putting further, nonsensical, irrelevant restrictions on an already over-regulated, unenforced segment of our population... those who don't want the bad guys to victimize us.

1.  Require background checks for every gun purchase.

Unconstitutional on it's face, what this would appear to require is the regulation of private sales, since all commercial sales already require a background check.

Nonsense on it's face, once again this is a punishment of those of us who obey the law for the actions of those who have, and likely will, continue to violate the law.

Further, this is back door gun registration... maybe a peachy idea for the leftist pogues of the rag who hate the very idea of carrying a gun... unless, of course, it's used to save one of their asses.

Cars kill thousands more than guns.  Are we going to require background checks on prospective car buyers?

 2.  Require background checks on gun shop employees.

Why?  Our own government sells hundreds of weapons to drug cartels... and the rag has YET to express any noted outrage over THAT.

3.  Prohibit individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.

Again, unconstitutional.  The TWL is a nebulous list with people on it that both have no idea they're there, and all too frequently have neither any understanding of why they ARE on the list, how they got there or who put them there... or why.

And of our mass murderers, which of them where on the list?  None?


4.   Require gun owners to report to police when their guns are lost or stolen.

To accomplish what?

Again, most law abiding gun owners already do this.  How does this requirement fix ANYTHING?

5.   Establish minimum (federal) standards for concealed carry permits.

Do we have "(federal) standards for" driver's licenses?

No?  Why not?

Again, the vast majority of gun crimes are not committed by those who've undergone a background check and who have such a permit.

Were this element to result in a nation-wide concealed carry permit law, including gun-free utopias like Chicago and DC, as long as those "federal" standards were reasonably achievable,  not costly, and recognized nation-wide.

That's not the point of Moran's back door confiscation plan, of course.  His effort is to eliminate guns from the law-abiding altogether... his security using concealed weapons and automatic weapons to keep HIM safe, notwithstanding.

More democratian stupidity:
"To be sure, these changes will not immediately solve the problem. But they will help, and we urge U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, to join NRA members in supporting Moran's bill. Republican pollster Frank Luntz confirms the NRA support that is described in Moran's bill."
"To be sure, these changes will not immediately solve the problem. But they will help."

Help what?  What possible difference will ANY of this make?  How will this garbage "solve" ANYTHING?

How would ANY of this stopped Newtown?

It wouldn't have.

And this one from these clowns is a hoot:
Also, we would like to see the creation and widespread use of a national database of people who should not be allowed access to weapons, including felons and those with mental health issues.
Odd, isn't it?  These people rabidly support giving convicted felons who haven't completed their sentences the right to vote.

Why not the restoration of their 2nd Amendment rights as well?

And this stupidity:
The Columbian's support of these proposals should in no way be construed as impinging upon gun owners' constitutional rights.
Maybe they shouldn't be... but since many of these idiotic ideas do that very thing, it's difficult to ignore.

And if you actually believe this garbage, feel free to set up an appointment with Brancaccio down at the Columbian and tell him you'll meet him in his building with a concealed weapon.

Did I mention the Columbian is one of those idiotic "gun free zones?"

Since Moran is just another democrat thug, much like, come to think of it, the clowns running this rag, I really don't care what he says, or what his DOA ideas are.

But it takes a blithering idiot to even begin to think that ANY of these ideas would have made ANY difference to those babies in that classroom.

And THAT is where our immediate focus has to be.  Not this self-flagellating crap that will accomplish absolutely nothing except an even greater expansion of government and erosion of our rights.

What is needed are new ideas.  What is needed is a plan to eliminate the stupidity of "gun free zones."

What is needed are new, EFFECTIVE ideas that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE; not this re-cycled advocacy of leftist hash.

Of course, that's far too much to hope for from the democratian daily newsletter.

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Lew Waters said...

As is usual, it's all designed to make liberal feel good, while accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Symbolism over substance.

They will accomplish as much should they begin a campaign of wearing gun metal gray ribbons to show they are "aware."

And as I keep saying, in all of their ballyhoo about new laws, gun restrictions, assault weapons bans or what have you, not one word on how they get criminals and maniacs to comply.

And as we know, once caught with an illegal weapon, as the teens in Ellensberg High School earlier this year, give them a slap on the wrist and let them go.

One received less than 9 months in Juvenile Detention while the other received 10 days in Juvenile Detention and both were suspended from school for stealing a gun, bringing it to school, loaded, and trying to sell it to another student.

I guess their violating just about every known law currently on guns slips by them as they basically asked the boys, pretty please, don't do it again.