Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Our own Congressional sellout and reading the tea leaves: What's Jaime Herrera going to do to us next?

We've got some tough sledding coming up.  Is there any question that Jaime Herrera will continue to sell us out?

Here's the future for our erstwhile congresscritter as I see it.

Given her abysmal, utterly worthless  elective history to date, the pattern is set.

In keeping with her history of voting to increase the debt ceiling, when the time comes, she will do that very thing again.

In keeping with her history of supporting and increasing the government burden on the people (As illustrated with her ongoing smoke and mirrors shell game where she, in reality, completely supports the massive, unneeded, unnecessary and unaffordable I-5 bridge replacement/loot rail/toll scam while simultaneously making people wrongly believe she opposes that rip off based on the say so of a fraction of Clark County voters.) she will vote to increase our taxes.

She will continue to do nothing to stop the CRC, even though she's had 2 years to defund that rip off.

She will do nothing to require a vote on this scam.

In short, she will do nothing to serve us.

She will continue to avoid open town hall meetings, because she's a coward and her handlers don't trust her to run off script.

We will need courage.

And in Jaime Herrera Beutler, we will not get it.

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