Monday, December 31, 2012

"Demand a Plan?" here's mine: boycott the Celebrity Hypocrites.

Here's the plan: these fricking hypocrites have no right to tell anyone how to live.  They "demand a plan" THEY would NEVER live by, but they demand it... of us.  They "demand a plan" but then offer absolutely nothing to develop such a plan.

They've starred in shows firing weapons, yet they completely miss the point and if you told them, for example, that "the plan" they're demanding meant putting more guns IN to schools, their collective heads would blow apart.

These slimeballs are surrounded by heavily armed bodyguards who will use those weapons to protect them.

So, I've acquiesced:  I HAVE a plan:

Don't watch their shows.

Don't watch their movies.

Don't give them a dime

Then, relatively soon, these scum will sink into their well-deserved, hypocritical obscurity and no longer NEED bodyguards... the size of defensive tackles... who carry very... big... guns.

Right, Mr. President?

Because the lives of these preaching assholes are no more valuable than than that of anyone else.  And their hypocrisy... stinks.

I can live without their movies.  But I will NOT live without my guns.

Because I.... don't.... have to.

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