Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Another black eye for the despicable daily paper.

As a community, we are cursed that we're stuck with a despicable rag... a horrific cancer on our county.

They lie.  They cheat.  They censor.  They avoid any facts when it suits them.  If you oppose them, they silence you and frequently attack you.

They use their soap box to try and destroy those wise enough to oppose them.

And that is unforgivable.

Their latest crime?  Doing a story on a child who had just begun to grow up.... who fought valiantly and with grace... only to lose her fight.

The details are important to those who knew her and her family.  The raw pain of their loss like a fresh, open wound.

So, what did that festering sore of a newspaper do?

They unnecessarily publicized many of the agonizing details.  They did so in a brutal manner, typical of the thoughtlessness that marks their disgusting efforts... so eager to amplify this family's suffering... while they do their best to defraud this community on their agenda.

I'll let this poor girl's sister tell the story:

  • Julia Rowan · Works at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital
    Liz was my twin sister and best friend. It is hurtful to me that I as her caregiver and best friend was not even involved or NOTIFIED in this article when I have been involved in all the others. This feels like cruel and unusal punishment. I lost her only 4 days ago. If the reporter would have asked me what I would've said about liz, I would have stated, "That liz told me, she never gave up that she fought even up to the last second when she took her last breath" This could've BEEN a fantastic article as a testament to her fight with real quotes and real meaning instead this is heartless page 2 filler thank you cruel columbian for helping such a broken and hurt family in this time. sicerely,

    • Abia Nunn · Top Commenter · Works at Independent Paralegal - Undergraduate
      I am so sorry Julia. After such a terrible loss u shiuld not have to deal with heartless ppl, much less media. You and your Fatger are in our thoughts and prayers..always. l

    • Rick Zimmerman · Top Commenter
      Julia, please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. I had my bone marrow transplant on Sept 4, and in that spirit of understanding, please accept my Thank you for being both her caregiver and best friend. It oftentimes seems to me that the struggle is harder on those that love us than on us, the inflicted. But they (you) matter so much. smiles and laughter in the face of such a monumental fight I can only imagine was truly cherished. Though we do not know one another, please accept my family's love, respect and prayers. May Liz find some peace finally.

    • Julia Rowan · Works at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital
      Thank you Rick! And also a sincere congratulations is due to you and your fight. It is difficult, but it sounds like you have jumped the biggest hurdle and thats a cause for celebration. Liz was an amazing person with crappy genetics. I've been so lucky to see how she touched the northwest and so many other onlookers that I plan to share a book with the world.. (one day). So her legacy and story will touch so many others like she would have wanted.

    • Andrew Jankowski · Portland, Oregon
      As a writer, this is in fact a horrible article. Liz led such a rich life, they could easily publish a better one. Or better yet, a more deserving publication. ;) Message me after you've had some private time, I want to discuss this idea with you.

    • Andrew Jankowski · Portland, Oregon
      The Columbian ran an even shorter, more vapid article after my friend died, incorrectly stating her gender. I was furious.

    • Rick Zimmerman · Top Commenter
      Julia, you know, I wouldn't mind (if you are willing) to read more about you, and your sister's battle with cancer. Perhaps, you and your family could use the comments section to provide what should have been in the article? Shame on them for not putting this story on the front page with quotes from family and friends. Perhaps the columbian can correct this grievous error?

    • Rick Zimmerman · Top Commenter
      thank you julia, your kind words and generosity of spirit are an inspiration to us all. I can not fathom how such a wonderful young woman could, in the face of such a battle, set aside her suffering to be a voice for others. That is a book worthy of reading, and I encourage you to do so. sorry for so many posts, this story is both sad and beautiful, and I find myself captivated.

  • Marissa Harshman · Western Washington
    I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how close you and Liz were. I exchanged emails with you dad Friday and today. I asked him if he or anyone else in the family would be willing to talk to me for this story. He told me the family had no comment and did not want to be involved in any articles. I was just trying to respect what I thought were the family's wishes.

    • Julia Rowan · Works at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital
      you contacted my dad asking if we had comment... she died 4 days ago. We don't know what to say other then we miss her. I wait for her to come home each day.. I have to walk by her room and miss her. I smell her in the clothes she used to wear. I stand in her room trying to talk to her and you found it acceptable to post an article while my dad and I are hurting so. You told my father you were posting this no matter what we said and you did.

    • Marissa Harshman · Western Washington

      When I heard about Liz's death on Friday, I contacted your dad. He asked for privacy and for me not to run a story. I respected that. But over the weekend, news of her death was posted to her blog. Since her death had been made public, we felt we needed to run a story letting the people who followed Liz's story know. So I contacted your dad again today, and told him what I just told you. He said the family had no comment.

    • Josh Olson · Technician at 1964 EARS
      Marissa, no matter how you try to justify your actions the fact remains that although you claim to have been trying to respect a family's wishes, you obviously have no sense of decency nor do you understand the process of mourning that is taking place. The shock-wave that is felt by Liz's passing is a true testament to the impact that she made on bother her family, other cancer patients/survivors, and those surrounding her. It is a terrible shame that you chose to take a shot towards journalistic opportunity rather than truly paying homage and respect by allowing the family time to collect a culmination of their thoughts and experiences with Liz before publishing such a crude and vague article. I'm sure you will sleep soundly tonight but it is that fact that makes me the most sick. I will remember Liz and many others will too because of the positive impact she made and while her story will live on, this poorly written and ill planned piece of garbage will be nothing more than something that will illustrate you as uncouth and uncaring.

      Julia and Rod, please remember that while Marissa was uncaring, there are many friends and members of family around you who are not and who support and love you all and will continue to be inspired by Liz every day by how she lived her life and her courage up to the moment of her passing. My heart goes out to you and I know as disrespectful as this article is, it will not be that which defines how she is remembered or how we all remember her.
I get it. Most all of us get it.

The rag, obviously, does not.

Having been the object of the rag's biased, slanted and inaccurate attacks, as well as having felt the sorrow of the death from leukemia of someone we held dear, I have some small idea of what Julia is feeling.

There's no excuse for this kind of garbage.  But it's what we've grown to expect from this sewage pond cess pool of a paper.

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