Monday, November 05, 2012

This election: vote... and thank God it's over.

Right or wrong... I mean left... vote.

Too many have died for you to sit this one out.  That said....  Thank God this garbage heap is about to get dumped and the election is over.

This has not been the shining example of American democracy in action.

I am so sick of politics... the lies, the distortions, the outright falsity, counting on the stupidity, greed and avarice of the average American voter.

The lies and counter lies.  The double standards, inculcated in the left; the failure to hold all in politics accountable for their actions equally, the censorship, the back stabbing, two-timing dishonesty... the fake "Christians," the lack of integrity on the parts of so many.

The microscopic examination of those opposed; the blind eye towards those you support (The Boldt-Madore race being the classic case in point) the unending agony of the dishonesty of those we count on to tell the truth... all out of their own enlightened self-interests.

The shame I feel towards my own brother-in-law, who's dishonesty, lies and betrayal of everything he's supposed to stand for... his "I must be re-elected at any cost" approach to politics so that he took management, financial and public support from those who's policies and world view he so strongly opposed for so long.

Marc Boldt, to me, represents the worst of politics.  His integrity now but a hollow shell of what it once was.  A hero... now brought to earth as a weak-willed mere mortal.

At the federal level, we're actually, really choosing between a failed, lying scumbag who has brought destruction to our economy, indebted even our as yet to be born children astronomical amounts of money, and a guy who actually knows business and who doesn't seem to be the pathological liar we currently have in office.

That such a race is even close is a huge disappointment, since what it tells me is that Americans are too lazy, too uninvolved, too complacent.

We, however, have the government we deserve.  And if Obama is re-elected, then those who were stupid enough, uninformed enough, moronic enough to vote for him deserve the end result.

Unfortunately, the rest of us who knew better will be collateral damage.

And that part sucks.

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