Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: OK, so how did I blow it?

Good question, honestly asked.

Was it Sandy?

Maybe.  Using bodies and destruction as a meme for re-election fits Obama rather well.

The photo op with Christie may have done it: it certainly ended any chance of Christie ever getting the GOP nomination for President: amazing how he didn't seem to know how he was being used and how that may have cost us... everything.  But with these kinds of numbers, all the blame can't rest on Christie.

And I was wrong.  Dead wrong.  Tragically wrong.

We got clobbered... again... and I didn't see it coming at all, based on the polling and conventional wisdom for those I've relied on for the past two decades to inform and analyze in far superior ways to my own meager effort.

The documented "enthusiasm gap" never really materialized.  Failing to win Ohio and losing Florida were, of course, fatal... either was, but both together?  How much of this was a result of Paulbots or anti-Mormon religious bigots sitting it out?

I, personally, lost a dinner bet, but the nation's loss is incalculable.

Many more of us will die, many more of us will lose their money, their value, their belongings.  We will continue to be a joke overseas, laughed at by our enemies who will view our continued reliance on that disgrace to the Oval Office as the tasty temptation of weakness that has spilled rivers of blood in the past and is likely to do so in the future.

The pattern of socialism and income redistribution, pain, misery and increased size, scope and dependence on government will continue as the ignorant and malinformed confuse the relinquishment of their freedom for the temporary satisfaction of getting stuff that others are paying for in return to their allegiance to those who want to keep them on the plantation.

All in all, the tea leaves came out a different color than that I believed they would.  And now, as our country continues the process of sinking out of sight like all great governments which were eroded from within, we can mark this as the second in the series of elections which will ultimately underline that destruction.  

RINO Rob McKenna was trending towards winning, as he was intellectually superior to Inslee in every way, but like all of those bereft of principle, simply could not make the sale to the base... like me... running away from Scott Walker's courageous stand in Wisconsin, stupidly hurting our community by supporting the CRC rip off, loot rail and tolls... as well as the Cowlittz/Paskenta/Mohegan/Barnett megacasino scam.... exactly and precisely like the democrat, Inslee... not to mention the stupidity of his comments with the Boy Scouts on their homosexuality restriction... something that was none of his fricking business, but something that helped to do him in as he offended the family's of 10's of thousands of Boy Scouts in our state.

Locally, I feared that Joe Tanner might win because Tom Mielke ran a non-campaign and the fact that David Madore won due to his massive investment in television and other media might make some feel better but the loss of what the second commission vote, Mielke, represented meant that David making it would mean no real difference in outcomes.  And fortunately, I was wrong about those elections as well.

Tanner's campaign in the end lost my respect, as he just turned into another leftist hack.

So, what does this mean for me, given Boldt's loss as I opposed my own brother-in-law out of principle?

Fighting for what you believe to be right doesn't come cheaply in personal cost.  But alienation of the corrupt and hopefully, assistance in their ultimate political destruction is worth it.

I am sorry that it came to this.  I wish it hadn't.  But in a modern day Star Wars rif, Marc Boldt had gone completely over to the oh-so-gradual dark side, who were using him like a 9/16's open end wrench, only to be tossed aside for the next democrat de jour or when the job of raping us with the CRC was done.  Unfortunately, Marc couldn't see that... or if he did see it, he didn't care.

Either way, for the sake of the people of this county... he had to go. Now, we'll see what we've got in retuurn.  And everyone should make a gift of Pepto to Steve Stuart.

It's likely he's gonna need it.


Martin Hash said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not disappointed with any of the results. If you were disappointed AND I was disappointed THEN we'd know the country was going down the shitter.

Jack said...

My immediate feelings when Romney was nominated were: "Here we go again! another McCain".

Just a guy said...

Well, Martin, I get the feeling that perhaps, over time, you might become disappointed. And then, you're right: that will certainly become confirmation.

Kriss Mitchell M.Ed., CRC said...

However it could mean that the polls were not wrong. You can't poll for voter fraud. At least three swing states showed more voter turnout than there were registered voters. That tends to make a case for fraud, I would think.

Martin Hash said...

Kriss, hmmmm... I'm going let Kelly follow up on that kind of thinking.