Monday, November 05, 2012

Fred Barnes lays it all out - Conclusion: Romney.

My predictions don't take place in a vacuum, nor are they based on how I "feel," instead, being based on empirical, verifiable evidence that results in readable trends.

First, there's this, which is self-explanatory:

Then there's this:
Why Romney Will Win

12:20 PM, Nov 5, 2012 • By FRED BARNES          

    Mitt Romney will win.  The tie in the polls goes to the challenger. Here’s why:

Enthusiasm. It matters enormously, and it’s disproportionately on the Republican side, in good measure because of an intense desire to defeat President Obama. True, enthusiasm doesn’t guarantee an edge in turnout, but it’s certainly a key indicator. “In these final days, turnout is driven by intensity,” says Republican pollster Ed Goeas.  The nearly half the electorate that strongly disapproves of Obama’s performance in office “will need little else other than the opportunity to vote against President Obama to motivate them to go to their polling place.” Goeas conducts the bipartisan Battleground Poll along with Democrat Celinda Lake.

In 2008, self-identified Democrats led Republicans in turnout by seven percentage points.  Gallup’s projection is that Republicans will have a 49-46 percent edge this year.  “The political environment and the composition of the likely electorate strongly favor Governor Romney,” Goeas says.  The Battleground Poll’s “vote election model” projects Romney with 51 percent.

Ground game.  The Obama get-out-the-vote drive (GOTV) is not quite the powerful juggernaut it was in 2008 and the Republican effort is far better than four years ago.  The Republican National Committee isn’t alone this time.  Americans for Prosperity and a coalition of a dozen conservative groups—from the National Rifle Association to the Republican Jewish Coalition—have put together a massive GOTV effort focused on swing voters in key states. They’ve averaged 1.8 million phone calls per day in recent days.

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