Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Why I will never buy from Amazon or Microsoft again.

Not content with the social engineering they've engaged in to date, these and other multi-nationals are dumping millions into Washington State to ram gay marriage down our throats.

And while that may happen, it ain't happening with my money.

So, that means Amazon, Microsoft and Safeco are on my "do not patronize" list.

As a heavy Amazon user, it will be difficult to avoid them, but I'm going to make the effort.

As a Microsoft user with PC's, it's going to be impossible not to use their products that I've already got, but it's not going to be difficult to avoid upgrades and to engage in a gradual switch over to Linux.

I also find it odd that the hypocrites on the left have no problem with one guy, Bezos, dropping a $2.5 million check on a cause they like while they crucify Mitt Romney for having even less money.

I guess it all depends on who's ox is getting Gored.



Martin Hash said...

You'll put out your eye in spite?! Dude, let it go.

Anonymous said...

As you probably know, Google Android IS Linux and Apple Macintosh is a a close cousin coming from a BSD base. So either way, you can win! -- Jeremy

Just a guy said...

Now, Martin... you know the drill: if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.

This isn't "spite." Did Ballmer and Gates and Bezos dump their money on our heads in an effort to engineer the society THEY want out of "spite?"

What about those people demanding a boycott of political opponents they oppose? Sponsors of Limbaugh, Beck, Chick-Fil-A, among others?

They must think that sort of thing makes a difference, or they wouldn't be doing it.

I can't pick up the phone and yell at these clowns. I don't have any of their stock to dump. I'm not going to phone in bomb threats to disrupt their operations.

So, my choices are to do nothing under the guise of the "inevitability of rape" doctrine, or to make a statement... no matter how small or insignificant. You may have noticed over the years that tilting at windmills is one of my peculiar specialties.

These people can do what they want with their money. That is their right. Just like I can do what I want with mine (To an ever-shrinking degree, it would seem) and all I can do is apply the same standard to the products of those who want to force their view of society down my throat as they are with what amounts to mmoney I've provided them for the privlege.

This is a difficult decision. But it's kind of like the "ism" in the cartoon I posted.

These people can do what they want. But I'm not going to drink their "ism."

Just a guy said...

Jeremy: If Android could be adapted to and for a PC operating system, I'd be all over it.

Haven said...

From my understanding the money is from Bezos, Ballmer and Gates as private individuals. Not Amazon and Microsoft. If your issue is just with the official company stance and not the money then you might have to grow your list somewhat: Nike, Starbucks, Target..

p.s. linux is awesome, if you're interested you should definitely try it.

Just a guy said...

I checked the donor list. Those 3 were the only CEO/Owners who I could find who've reported contributing.

I have no problem with their support of any issue. I have a problem with using money they gained from their company, based in part on sales to me... to support issues I oppose.

This, should they be successful, is just the start for them. The end result will be that while they can... and likely will... support about every fringe-left cause known to man... they're not going to do it with any money I provided them.

When it comes to Linux, I plan on getting another PC and setting it up using that system so I can check out the word processor capability and so forth. I have to get a lot more familiar with it before I finally his the delete key.

Jack said...

there's always Linux and Ubuntu, kids.