Thursday, June 07, 2012

Yet another reason to not vote McKenna.

Why is it that we're likely to wind up with a gutless governor who has the political awareness of a board fence?

His number one priority MUST be to get rid of the extortion of collective bargaining.

Instead, this simple idiot believes that collective bargaining is a "right," apparently, up there with free speech.

Well, guess what, Rob... it ain't.

There isn't even a legal basis for public employee unions to begin with; they could be completely eliminated if we were so inclined.

Now, after Walker led the way that EVERY governor faced with this kind of situation should follow, we get a clown like McKenna, who babbles:
McKenna, the incumbent attorney general, “doesn’t think we should demonize public employees,” McCray said. “Rob is all about making government more efficient and effective, and state workers are the ones who know how to make their shop work better.
Right.  This from a candidate for governor who referred to Walker's efforts as "terrorizing" unions.

Why?  Does he think the PEU's will hate him any less if he tries to make nice?

Extorting pay raises in the midst of economic trouble like that we suffer through every damned day shows contempt on the part of these swine towards those of us paying their checks.

What about avoiding demonizing the taxpayers?

What about that?

McKenna needs a reality check.  he needs to understand that the unions must be his LAST priority, and those employees who don't work "efficiently and effectively" can "efficiently and effectively" get their asses FIRED.

In short, why vote for a fake democrat like McKenna when we can get the real thing in Inslee?


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