Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Obama goes gay.

When you're losing, you might as well flame out like a comet.

Mr. Decisive, Mr. "Gutsy Call," Mr. "I don't think marriage is a civil right" Obama who would have you believe HE is responsible for taking out OBL, FINALLY pulled the trigger on gay marriage.

That's surprising to me... not that he hasn't supported the concept all of his life or that he lied about it when he ran for president last time... but that he had the guts to take a stand at all.

This was a political mistake for him.  And he'll come to regret it.


Jack said...

Obama is getting desperate because the Democrats see the writing on the wall.

Martin Hash said...

Gay marriage should be invisible to the law. Until now religion has distorted the law. I'm disappointed Obama (a Constitutional scholar) waited so long to stop waffling, probably because he's also a religious man.

Just a guy said...

Courage, Martin. He doesn't have it.

He's an entirely political animal, driven by political gain or cost.

Principle gets short shrift in his world, and regardless of the positions, they're ALL based on political consideration.