Sunday, May 20, 2012

Early impressions on local legislative elections.

So, filing is over... and here's my calls:

14th will remain all GOP

17th will become all GOP

18th will remain all GOP

20th will be all GOP (since only R's are running)

49th will remain all democrat.

Clark County will be represented by 15 legislators: 12 GOP and 3 democrats.

These are relatively easy calls to make; the democratian, however, will savage most of the Republicans in their efforts to work for the fringe left; no democrat will be intelligent enough to oppose the CRC scam; all will support an income tax, all will demand more spending, higher taxes, higher fees, higher pay and benefits for their democrat masters and all will naturally support gay marriage.

Because it's not illegal to lie and because the tide is definitely anti-democrat thanks to Obama's miserable failures and the joke of governance democrats have visited upon both our state and our country, there will be no lie the left won't tell, no misinterpretation, no exaggeration no effort they won't engage in to out-Laird Laird and out-Brancaccio Brancaccio.

Hopefully, this outcome will be enough to finally kill the massive CRC rip off.

Time, of course, will tell.

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