Thursday, April 19, 2012

Uber hypocrite Leavitt to Madore: Oooohhhh.... you offend me.

The problem for Tim Leave-it is when you're elected on a lie and govern on a lie, to call someone else out for issues related to "integrity," or being "offensive" is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Here, Tim... let me break it down:


Leave-it lied to get elected, had his girlfriend whine on his behalf as if she was Suzy Sixpack and not exchanging fluids with him; he acts like you're a card-carrying member of the Taliban and he rhetorically wants to shoot anyone who disagrees with him... and HE whines about CIVILITY? 

And whenever someone nails him for it, he acts like a play ground punk and BECAUSE HE CAN'T TAKE IT.


This is, by far, the most accurate picture of Tim Leave-it *I* have ever seen, and that he finds it offensive to be confronted with the truth is of no concern to much of anyone, save him.

That SW Washington is cursed with Leave-it in elective government is a shame that we're likely to never live down.  That actions like this anger Leave-it or offend him isn't 1% of what his efforts to screw us have done... and when it comes to being "angered" or "offended?"

Well, Timmy.... I'm pretty sure you ain't seen nothing yet.

And Timmy?  By the way?

Can't stand the heat?

Feel free to resign, you sniveling putz.


LewWaters said...

For once, I have to applaud a John Laird column from the past. Even though he still slapped the "Hounds of Whinerville," he wrote "Pollard told me that Leavitt had 'duped the citizens of America’s Vancouver.' He also told Miller that Leavitt 'checked his honesty and integrity at the door somewhere way back down the line … people bought that bull … this was a campaign based on a lie'."

Toll lessons learned after the election

Amazing too just how quickly they got over their indignation with Leave-it.

And, can we forget Leavitt's Swami act where he said, "David Madore and Larry Patella wage a war against each other. Patella doesn’t want to pass the torch to Madore for the title of "Vancouver’s Biggest Hypocrite'."

Leavitt is truly an asshat!

Jack said...

Also notice that Asshat Leavitt chickened out on your blog after shooting off his mouth for 5 minutes and spewing nothing but a "campaign speech".

Leavitt talks "big" but sure is chickencrap to stay in an honest discussion that he can't control.