Thursday, April 26, 2012

So, Jaime got her committee. The question: will she do anything with it?

It's been my position all along that our congresswoman, Jaime Herrera, has completely supported the CRC, the bridge replacement, light rail and tolls.

Her actions, to date, have accomplished absolutely nothing that changes any of this.  Her PUBLIC face on all of this is that she's looking out for us and trying to force some sort of vote.  She claims that she wants an utterly worthless, gerrymandered CTran district vote when, at a minimum, it should be for the entire project and the vote should be the entirety of Clark County since the entirety of Clark County will be expected to pay for this crap.  In fact, she's been smacked around by Tim Leave-it like he's been paying her for it... actions that should have resulted in the immediate death of this entire project as an abject lesson.

Herrera wants us to think she's somebody; her carefully crafted press release tells us:
“It’s a tremendous honor,” Herrera Beutler said Thursday in a news release. “We need a bill that strengthens our nation’s transportation system and creates jobs — both paramount priorities to Southwest Washington residents.”
(Yeah.  Like she actually "said" this.) Of course, she's dead wrong: the last thing we need is for GOVERNMENT to "create jobs," a euphemism for over-paid, taxpayer money-sucking union slime ripping us off.  That she calls such a scam a "priority" just tend sot show how ignorant this poor woman actually is... unless she's going full-blown democrat.

Actually, her getting this gig is not an honor.  After all, she's just going to be another back bencher, last in seniority out of 46 memebrs, a woman who couldn't even get the Republicans on her committee to agree with her amendment... and how incompetent is that?

She was picked, more or less at random, and certainly not based on what she's actually DONE, because that equals precisely zip.

So, here's the question: now that she's been given this "tremendous honor," will she do anything with it?

No more then she has done, I'm thinking.

And that's precisely dick.

Gee... you suppose she'll have a townhall meeting about THIS?

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