Monday, April 30, 2012

Message sent to Lars Larsen concerning Joe Tanner's alleged "numerous combat medals."

So, we've got a guy running for county commissioner against Tom Mielke... named Joe Tanner.

In his announcement in the newspaper, Tanner claimed Vietnam service for 27 months as an electronics tech.

In his campaign bio, he claims he has "numerous combat medals." He doesn't list them.

I have contacted his campaign requesting that he list the "numerous combat medals" he's claiming, the latest effort a week ago and still no response.

I was just wondering if you could look into this and get him to respond... because I know for a fact that Tom Mielke IS a combat veteran of the 82nd Airborne with a Bronze Star and "V" device.


K.J. Hinton
Clark County Politics.

    Ridgefield resident and former state legislator Joe Tanner, who has spent more than two decades out of the public arena working as a corporate executive, said Monday he will run for a seat on the Board of Clark County Commissioners.
  • I've also contacted the Stolen Valor facebook page with this information.

    Now.... we'll see.

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