Wednesday, March 07, 2012

List of companies to boycott: Leftists giddy over fallout from Fluke's recreational sex demands and Rush's response.

As sniper pointed out below:
The bottom line is this: the old mantra “keep government out of my vagina” is total bullshit if you want government to pay for what goes in it.
Leftists, of course, don't care that Fluke is a lied during that press conference democrat kabuki theater, her utterly fallacious claim of spending $3000 for birth-control notwithstanding; the ultimate cheapest and most undeniably successful form of birth control being to keep one's legs closed; the following companies have, apparently, achieved "stupid" status by caving to the fringe-left and pulling their advertising from Limbaugh's show.

Sleep Number
The Sleep Train
Quicken Loans
Legal Zoom
Tax Resolution
Allstate Insurance
Bare Escentuals
Hadeed Carpet
Thompson Creek Windows
Service Magic
AccuQuote Life Insurance
John Deere
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Bethesda Sedation Dentistry
Cascades Dental
Philadelphia Orchestra
Goodwill Industries
Heart &amp
Body Extract
Downeast Energy
Capitol One
Matrix Direct
Reputation Rhino
Consolidated Credit
Constant Contact
RSVP Discount Beverage
Cunningham Security
Regal Assets
Freedom Debt Relief
Norway Savings Bank
and Portland Ovations

Now, most of these, I believe, have no to slight name-familiarity among the unwashed masses (I've never heard of many on this list) but I guarantee you that I, personally, and my family, personally, will not ever patronize these retailers, use their services or buy their products.


Each of these companies have the right to end their advertising with anyone they want.  I freely acknowledge that.  But in so doing, they not only (perhaps rightfully) condemn the improper manner of the delivery of Rush's message... they quite wrongfully condemn the underlying principle:

Like Obamacare itself, there is no right to requiring me to subsidize Fluke's sexual activity.

Who she's doing and in what ways or frequency is none of my business.  And her demand that we all be tasked with subsidizing her choices is utter leftist delusion.

And that they caved to the Obamastinians on this issue?

Well, I can do without Rush's show.  I have for years... not deliberately, it's just crowded out by other life impacts.

But for those conservative who silently stand by while the progs rub their hands in glee at their successful efforts through their faux outrage to censor a political enemy, the question must be asked:  who will their next target be?

I don't know.  But this outcome makes it increasingly likely they will HAVE a "next victim," and a next, and a next, and a next.  And our failure to counter boycott increases the likelihood that we will all be silenced in the end.

Meanwhile, these business and any other joining this list have seen their last dollar from me.  Permanently.


Anonymous said...

Fine. I and my family are doubling our business with the companies that dropped him. He is a blowhard disgrace to conservatives anyway, but to call someone those names is out and out despicable.

Just a guy said...

Sure you will. Unless your name is Gates, that's likely not happening. That said, even your leftist hero Bill Maher thinks what the leftists are doing is flat out wrong... and if even HE gets it...

And, of course, your boycott of CBS and MSNBC continues, right? Or was Letterman's and Schultz's name calling acceptable due to the political leanings of their targets?

Jack said...

Rush Limbaugh and his show are doing just fine. In fact, the advertisers that dropped out are begging to come back.

It probably wouldn't do any good for any of them to come back though, because they've already identified themselves as Lefties. They have already cut their own throats.