Friday, February 24, 2012

Caucus coming up on March 3rd... whatever will I do?

Caucus is coming up... As a PCO, I'm automatically a delegate to the county convention.  The question, then, is who else will show up from the 605?

I'll listen to the spiel from those representing the candidates... for me, it's a toss up between the only two conservatives in the race, meaning I have to decide between Santorum and Newt.

The problem is that they both have enough baggage o fill a Samsonite factory; Newt with his personal and post electoral political life; Santorum with his idiotic shift into the social realm, knocking him completely off the message that should be the most important: economic with a bit of foreign policy tossed in.

Paul is suicidal; Romney's record could comfortably be described as "moderate democrat."  Neither will get my vote.

My sense is that Ron Paul is likely to win in Washington; he's the candidate who has actually contacted people at the PCO level, and Josh Romney's presentation (Should have had coffee, Josh) only served to re-enforce my opposition to his dad (He's "proud" of Romneycare?  Really?)  as president; I cannot recall a group of candidates less inspiring, less politically aware, less the man (person?) needed to lead us out of the wilderness of Barack Obama.

If Obama manages to be re-elected (God forbid) it won't be because he won the job, since he's done absolutely nothing to merit anything except, perhaps, indictment; it will be, because, once again.... the GOP managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


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Jack said...

Newt is a political "game-player". Newt gets up in the morning, puts on whatever political "hat" he wants to wear, goes about his day then comes home, takes off his political "hat" then goes about being whoever he really is. I don't think Newt knows who or what he really is. It's just a big "game" to him.