Monday, January 30, 2012

Why I'm a "no" on the Hockinson School Levies.

Hockinson Schools have a school levy election coming up, and I'm going to be a "no."

I'm understanding that part of this money is going to "teachers and staff."

I'm not interested in providing "teachers and staff" any more money than that provided by the state for their outrageous salaries and benefits for their part-time jobs as it is.

In fact, to reflect our local economy, all public employees, including "teachers and staff" should step up and take a 25% pay CUT.

I know *I* have, and yet they want me to keep paying THEIR payrolls, increases and benefits when I can't even pay my own.

In real terms, I am making about a third of what I was 8 years ago when I started my little company.  How many "teachers and staff" can make that claim?


They won't sacrifice for me... so I'm voting not to sacrifice for them.

Until these people step up and take pay cuts like many of the rest of us, I'm not interested in sacrificing for them.

Not that it will matter... Hockinson voters pass this thing like they're punching out movie tickets.

But as I mark "no" on my ballot, for those in the Hockinson administration, just in case you might want to know why:

The economy in the real world sucks for us... and as a result, it should suck for you.

The end.

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