Monday, January 30, 2012

Shortage of candidates.

Looking around, it seems we're stuck with a shortage of candidates.  Wonder why?

Maybe it's the filth the local rag doles out to those wise enough to oppose their agenda.

Maybe it's the establishment ignoring the primary process and endorsing candidates months, if not years, in advance of the election... and candidates buying endorsements with promises of a job (Right, Ryan?)

But we're closing in on the end of January, and there is yet to be any announced candidates for the seats in the 49th (Who's running for Pridemore's seat?)  on either side; same in the 17th, same in the 18th, save for Liz Pike announcing for Orcutt's vacant seat.

What the hell is up with that?

Remember last cycle?

There were something like 3,000 candidates announced for the vacant 18th seat, thankfully evacuated by Ridgefield Barbie.  Why is there only one announced candidate now?

And no one has announced against either Boldt or Mielke.

At the US Senate level, there's one guy no one's ever heard of running against Cantwell, a colossal waste of political skin who has accomplished dick during her wasted tenure... much like the state cow, her seat mate.

For the governor's seat, there's two leftists and one conservative running.

For the AG, there's three leftists and an uber-conservative.

What's the hold up?  Is everyone afraid of the Bellevue Mafia, Identity Vancouver, CRUDEC, Chamber of Horrors types infesting us?

Times-a-wastin', boys and girls.

SOMEbody needs to run against Boldt... even if it's me.

Let's get the show on the road.


Martin Hash said...

Hey, it could be you.

People aren't perfect - not even close. With a little scratching, everyone seems to be a douchebag underneath, and who wants to be called names everyday? Even the people who are supposed to be on your side will tear your eyes out. Politics is a dirty, dirty, dirty business - and it takes people willing to get dirty to do it. But you already know that!

Just a guy said...


Why Martin, I'd never flatter myself into thinking that little ol' me has any impact on our political scene.

I've come to notice... and will be commenting on shortly; that when one opposes power, or corruption, or arrogance or non-responsiveness on the part of those pledged not to use their power for ill, not to be corrupt or arrogant and certainly to be responsive, the manner and method of that opposition doesn't matter.

Others in this community oppose these things and are for more civil about it, but are also ignored, belittled, attacked and despised... no matter their level of civility.

Larry Patella comes to mind; an honorably retired Naval Commander who served this nation for decades.

His writing is intelligent, educated and not in the least incindiary... as befitting a graduate of Command and General Staff School and one who has commanded ships.

Yet, those in power universally revile him because he stands in their way, no matter how swept aside that opposition has been.

So, no. It's not the "name calling," particularly in the political sense, when those names are both earned... and accurate.

My sense is that they fear the backlash. My sense is that they know, to get elected, they must oppose. And opposition is painful.

Right now, for example, Mitt Romney is outspending Newt 5 to 1 Does Newt have a hope in hell of winning?

Of course not. But to the world generally, that won't matter... it'll just be a win... and it won't matter that he bought it like I buy a loaf of bread.

So, when I call Romney out, and use descriptive terminology to do it, is my lack of civility in the process the thing?

When I will no doubt be hammered by the local GOP establishment for my opposition, should I let that guide my actions and response?

In the end, it's difficult to call anyone honorable, with integrity, who listens to the people, doesn't fear their will, tells the truth and has the courage to meet them... it's difficult to call them ANY name, save that "honorable."

But those corrupt(ed/able)? that's another issue entirely.

So, you want to avoid getting hammered by me on my blog?

Don't lie.

Don't sell us out.

Don't put your agenda ahead of our will.

Never fear the polls.

Never forget: you work for us.

Have integrity.

Avoid situational ethics.

And be who we elected, not as you sold yourself to us. (Leavitt)

No elected/unelected official who lives by those simple rules has ever had anything to fear from me.

Nor will they.

But if those simple rules are too difficult to follow?

Then be glad that names are all that's coming your way.

Daviid Standal said...

Right on Kelly! How do these people sleep at night? I have respect for different opinions when they are honestly and respectfully articulated (like Martin's) but none for cowards and liars. My stint as an elected opened my eyes to the fact that most have no respect for those they work for.