Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romney's tax returns: they don't bother me.

Look, I don't support Romney for anything but governor of Massachusetts.  They deserve him.

But this nonsense about his tax returns, which leftists are likely to beat him to death over?

That's a crock.

There's all this nonsense about "millionaires paying their fair share."

Well, here's what I know:  I'm not and likely will never be a millionaire.  I also know that 50% plus of the people of this country, which includes those most needy when it comes to government services/checks pay absolutely nothing.

Where's the "fair share" THEY are supposed to pay?

It's easy for the fringe left to talk about "fair share" when they do all they can to make sure THEIR constituencies don't pay a dime.

I believe that EVERYONE should pay SOMETHING.

Even if it's a dollar.

Because when you've got no skin in the game?

Well, it's easy to belly up to the trough provided by the labors of others.

So, this fair share issue is made up of whole cloth since Romney, by himself, has paid more money in taxes then tens of millions of people in the United States, who pay no federal tax at all.

But then, so do I.  And so do you.

They never seem to talk about "fair share" when it comes to that, do they?


Martin Hash said...

I have no idea what "fair" is but I do know that people should pay back loans. As I've said many times, all money spent by Government ends up in somebody's bank account. That money wouldn't be there otherwise - it needs to be paid back.

I don't know if that's "taxing the rich" but obviously people without bank accounts don't have any of that money.

And why the rich pay only 15% while you pay more than that shows that even the obvious is not obvious to a lot of people.

Just a guy said...

What? What money do I need to "pay back?"

Part of the reason Romney's money or taxes doesn't bother me is that he's already paid taxes on it at the 35% rate. Then he invests it, and the returns are taxed at a 15% rate.

I've got no problem with that.

Martin Hash said...

I "invest" my money too. You should "invest" your money - then you'd only have to pay 15%. Working for a living is a bitch.

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

Honestly, I don't pay attention to the minor squabbble bobbles from Gingrich and Romney.

Rick Santorum said best last night. Why are we wasting time on people's back and forth, when we as a nation have such BIG issues to deal with?

Why can't we as a group in front of the electorate DEAL with those issues instead of the childish back and forth.

Now to your point about Romney's taxes. I know the Democrats are going to use his wealth he gained over the years over his head. you know what is funny? Any fool with brain cell can do the SAME exact idea.

Simply stop spending money @ Fast Food outlets are in a lot of low income, high crime areas, put it into savings account and when you have accumulated enough, stick it in a higher economic generating lowering tax options.

IT DOESN'T take brain cells except stop pissing money on soda pop (flavored color water you pay 100 times what it costs to make) Fast food and other junkets. If we had people TEACH this type of course, how much money do you think the US citizens could have in their personal coffers????