Saturday, January 28, 2012

Panetta states the obvious: the moron's cuts "... create 'risks' in military's 'Capability to Respond'".

Among our Nation's manifold weaknesses is a president who despises its military.

In every way from the half-hearted return of the salute as he gets off an aircraft to the cavalier way he throws away the lives, past and present, of some of our finest men and women, to the little things starting with his blowing off the Medal of Honor ball on his inauguration to his idiotic idea to have our wounded pay for their own health care insurance... this president has reeked of disdain and contempt for the institution that has laid it's life, collectively and individually, on the line to keep us free.

The announced cuts would cripple our ability to fight a two-front war.  Anyone who's even played soldier knows as much.

The bizarre idea that we can push-button our way out of tough strategic situations is just that: bizarre.

But then, when you're being run by an ignorant community organizer who never considered wearing this nation's uniform, an idea obviously beneath him, what else can you expect?

So, instead of making the cuts where they SHOULD be made... social programs, government payroll and benefits and federal workers... we get this kind of crap... crap that will cost the lives of even more.

And now, we see the truth of it, true enough that even the foaming-at-the-mouth fringe leftists can understand it.

Panetta: Obama's Cuts Create ‘Risks’ in Military’s ‘Capability to Respond’
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, brief the press on the defense budget proposals at the Pentagon on Jan. 26, 2012. (DOD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad McNeeley)

( - Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday that the cuts in defense proposed by President Barack Obaama will create "risks" in America's "capability to respond" to threats.
“The risks come with the fact that, you know, we will have a smaller force," Panetta said a t a Pentagon briefing. "As we said, it’s larger than we had prior to 9/11, but obviously it will be a smaller force, and when you have [a] smaller force there are risks associated with that in terms of our capability to respond.”
Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, echoed Panetta’s assessment, while pointing out that when the admnistration's cuts in defense are implemented there will be risk that the U.S. military will not be able to do as much as quickly as it can do now. 

“The primary risks lie not in what we can do, but in how much we can do and how fast we can do it," said Gen. Dempsey. "The risks therefore are in terms of time and capacity and we fully considered these risks.”
Both men, however, said the risk could be managed. In part, this could be done, Panetta said, by be ready "to re-grow the force quickly if we have to."
The U.S. military is currently an all-volunteer force dependent on individual citizens joining the service only when and if they want to join it.

The concept that our enemies will be considerate enough to line up to take us on may pencil out well for the leftists that never set foot in uniform.  But for those out there where the rubber meets the road?

Not so much.

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Gr8mochas said...

It isn't that Obama is ignorant about military issues. It is that he is anti-war and he will do what he needs to do in order to facilitate that mission. Here is a link to one of his earlier writings in The Sundial (Breaking the War Mentality) where you can see his resistance to war and the military:

Once you understand this about him, his resistance to honoring the military, making our defenses stronger and rendering us relatively incapable of "war mongering" can be seen as staying in line with his principles.

Obviously many of the voters who voted for him didn't understand this aspect of his belief system. It should be one of the main reasons that this president is voted out. Especially in our world today.