Sunday, January 29, 2012

Local View: 4 key reasons why Paula Hammond is a liar.

It's not surprising that the democratian would shill more lies, misrepresentations and exaggerations from those who are drinking the CRC kool aid.  But when was the last time they gave this kind of attention to anyone opposed to this monumental, multi-billion dollar crap pile?


How many times did Brancaccio lie about being unable to find opposition to this rip off?

Well, the opposition is out there just like it was out there when Brancaccio, not the brightest bulb on the tree, kept babbling that he couldn't find any.  Of course, for a CRC shill, opening one's eyes to opposition and doing more then belittling it (Like that moron Laird) is simply not possible.

So, in combination with the slimeballs Pridemore and Moeller, who would sell out their own mothers to get this built for their union buddies, we get a "local view" that isn't "local," but is labeled as such by the democratian because, well, they lie that way, and written for (and signed by) a state cabinet-level liar, Paula Hammond... who does not live here and, like the vast majority of this rabid slime involved in this rip off, won't have to pay the tolls.. the $1300 a year to begin with fee that those forced to use it will have to pay in addition to the Oregon Income Tax already paid by those unfortunate enough to live there... and work here.

Clearly, as Hamond's blather shows, there's no lie they won't tell.  But that's been a label accurately applied to those scum ramming this down our throats without a vote from the very beginning.

So, when Hammond ignores the cost, it's in part because she won't personally have to pay any of it.

When she babbles thus:
The next time you are waiting for a bridge lift, or are caught in 10-mph traffic trying to pick up kids or get to work, consider these four key benefits of the CRC.
It's because she's moronic enough to either not know, or not care, that the completed construction of this project, the biggest rip off in the history of the Northwestern United States, won't make any difference to either congestion or freight mobility.

And that's a problem because, of course, when you start with a lie such as the one Hammond engages in here, chances are that everything appearing in print after the lie will just be there to SUPPORT the lie... meaning she's heaping lie upon lie to make her point.

"First, safety," she babbles.

"Safety" is no more of a concern worth billions to addresshere, then, say, her hair style.  Wasting tens of millions or billions of dollars on a project because people are too stupid to know how to drive justifies nothing, particularly when safety has nothing to do with it: it's a scam to get loot rail over here, period.  Any thing else is a lie.

Tens of thousands of drivers pass over the I-5 Bridge every day.  They don't get into accidents, they don't get killed or injured. As a result, "Safety" isn't a reason... it's an excuse.  And it justifies absolutely nothing.

"Second, economic strength."

Since replacing an already paid for bridge with a bridge being built ENTIRELY to bring loot rail into Vancouver/Clark County will only blow an additional $100,000 000 or so hole in the local economy with the vaporization of that amount in disposable income every year; contrary to Hammond's idiocy, this will dramatically weaken us economically.  In addition, since it will do nothing to improve freight mobility in any way, the only thing this massive rip off will accomplish is to increase costs with no appreciable return.

The nonsense about the benefit of dramatically overpaid union labor isn't a reason to support this garbage: on the contrary, it's one of the many reasons to oppose it.

"Third, a better trip."

Maybe if, like Hammond, you're obviously on drugs.

Here's a clue: our economy sucks.  We can't afford these unnecessary bells and whistles that fringe-left nutters like Hammond want to ram down our throats... particularly without bothering to ask us.

"Fourth, a vibrant community."

Obviously, Hammond, not being from here, is unaware of the loot rail crime wave she's supporting.  This rip off will tear out neighborhoods needlessly, disrupt the entire area for years, put businesses OUT of business (who goes into that area of Vancouver now for anything?) and leave the kind of bad feelings that last a lifetime.

These "Reasons" pale in comparison to the economic realities that this giant rip off will foist upon us all... and particularly the 65,000 commuters who will bear this unnecessary burden while slime like Hammond don't even live here... let alone pay for this garbage.

Using the same kind of community involvement in these kinds of projects so admired in the Third Reich and the Soviet Union is nothing to be proud of.  Ramming this crap down our throats, lying repeatedly and loudly over the "benefits" when the only benefits are to enrich slimeballs like David Evans... these kinds of things are nothing to be proud of.

Labeling Hammond;'s propaganda a "local view" is like labeling something from the Chamber of Horrors, CRUDEC or Identity Vancouver as actually fair and not Vancouver Special Interest centric.

The rag has both a duty and responsibility to present opposing views.  They won't, of course, because they don't give a damn about the opposition.

Expect more garbage like this as part of Ridgefield Barbie's re-election campaign.  I know I do.

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