Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Russell PAYING the democratian? Another lie by Jon Russell.

Both here and on Jon Russell Watch, I've been documenting Russell's efforts to continue to get paid to miss meetings.

Apparently, my efforts caught the eye of one of my most ardent followers, the democratian... because, though they've never been the most original, they've shown in the past that they're not beyond ripping off this blog for both stories and ideas... this effort likely being a case in point.

The story is about city council types missing city council meetings.  The bizarre paragraph in this one, though,. is this utter nonsense:
Council absences have not resulted in cancelled meetings in Washougal, but they have resulted in the early finish of one.
Councilmen Jon Russell and Michael Delavar walked out of an April meeting after the council voted 3-2 to form a committee to review the city’s ethics policy. The two men defended their walkout as a way to protect the vote and opinions of two council members who were not present.
Russell missed four regular meetings due to job- and family-related activities. Councilman Rod Morris, who was defeated in his reelection bid, also missed four meetings.
“Four out of 24 is not bad,” Russell said.
Actually, this is proof that while figures don't lie, liars do figure.

Over the past 4 meetings in Washougal, since Russell fooled that pro-life organization into giving his a temporary job, he's missed how many?

Well, it appears to me and many others commenting on my blogs... he's missed them all, or most of them.

That he's fine with missing ANY is despicable... and despicable is Russell.  But missing most of them since he scammed a job?

The rag would be better served checking anything Russell, a proven, serial liar, tells them.

And Ray... since you read my meager efforts (where else would you have gotten the idea for this story?) you knew better when you printed this garbage.

All of which begs the issue.

This blog has documented many of Russell's lies about who he is, who he says his wife is, how much money he's raised, his education and his habit of ripping off other identities so he can post with impunity as he typically attacks those smart enough to oppose his world view.

In the past, the leftist rag has had a problem with that.  They utilize every opportunity to remind the world that I had done that... and I wasn't elected to anything.

Russell does it, and what does the rag do about it?

Absolutely nothing.  Now, why do you suppose that is?

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