Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Sound Politics:Congratulations To Governor Gregoire, Speaker Chopp, And Majority Leader Brown; they've managed to kill our bond rating.

Democrat leadership is a train wreck.

The democrat utopia of Detroit comes to mind, but train wrecks little the economic landscape across this country... and most of those wrecks are dominated by democrats.

Well, thanks to those democrats, our state is well on the way of joining the rest in the junk yard.
Two ratings agencies, Moody's and Fitch, just lowered the state's bond rating.  (A third, Standard & Poors, left the rating alone.)
The state's ratings are still relatively high — we aren't Illinois or California yet — but these lower ratings do show us where we may be headed.
No doubt these three leaders are spending all their time getting our state's finances back into balance.
(Did you know that Majority Leader Brown has a PhD in economics (!) from Colorado?  I have known that for several years, but I still find it hard to believe.)

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Browns PhD obviously means "Piled higher and Deeper."

Clearly, she should get a refund.

And with equal clarity, these morons should resign for bringing us to this.

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LewWaters said...

Trivial matters such as our state credit rating, crumbling infrastructure, a $1.5 Billion budget gap, failing schools and such are not as important as legalizing sham marriage rights for homosexuals.

How long until we will be torned to a pillar of salt for looking up towards Olympia?