Friday, December 30, 2011

When the democratian flips their lid: even more CRC rip off.

The idea that we should all get screwed for the CRC without asking us is bizarre enough.  But the utterly nonsensical "lid" crap?

Look, the only "lid" I would support would be a wall of concrete about 10 feet thick covering the entirety of the ghost-downtown area.

But for Vancouver to stick it to all of US for THEIR lid makes no more sense than their bizarre Ballpark fetish.

If these clowns want a lid, then let THEM pay for it.

One of the more astute commenters pointed this out:

 Allen Anderson · Top Commenter · Polson High School

tolling at 3.00 a crossing will take 10,000,000 trips to pay for just the cement cap, not including interest. A region holding over 14 percent unemployed and we are told we're going to pay over 10 billion dollars for the CRC. Voters need to remember all those supporting destroying this regions economy with this project and replace them on their election cycle. Businesses supporting the CRC need to be boycotted.We are told this project is about traffic flow, but we're only gaining 2 lanes across the Columbia. But this entire project is about SW Washington paying for Portland traffic upgrades, and a nice new bridge to look at out Vancouver's new waterfront development. Local small town politicians influenced by developers, and generations of tolls and higher taxes are going to be the result.

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While wrong in one regard (we are gaining precisely ZERO lanes across the river: there are 3 through lanes now, if this abortion is ever built, there will be three through lanes then.) the rest is accurate: those making this commute will have to pay with millions of unnecessary trips for a scam that will benefit Vancouver and Vancouver only.

The democratian's incessant babble, quoting all of those giddy over this rip off is not unusual: failing to seek out the opposing view is their policy when that view pushes back against their agenda.  But given who all benefits from this particular rip off, why isn't the CRC presenting the city of Vancouver with the bill?

And to modify the rag's moronic last line in there self-flagellating greaser of an article that oozes with rank hypocrisy, where they spewed:
Get the lid built. We all can worry later about how fancy the top will be.
What they REALLY meant is this:
Get the lid built. We won't worry about who pays for it, at all, because like the rest of this slime, we know it ain't gonna be us.
Time for a newspaper tax.  These slime want it?

Then let them pay it.

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