Monday, December 26, 2011

More cowardice from Ridgefield Barbie.

Recently, both Tim "The Liar" Leave-it and Steve "The Liar" Stuart have been beating on Ridgefield Barbie like a rented step-mule over her weak, nonsensical, half-hearted, nebulous effort to make voting on the CRC scam some sort of issue.

The problems are many, the solution, simple.

First, the problems:  The empty-suited, cardboard cutout of a faux member of congress is saying pretty please while these two morons are hitting her upside the head with a 2X4.

Second, while her letter talks about the concept that "...the people of Clark County should be allowed to decide through a public vote what they prefer, and what they are willing to pay for," she's not really referring to "the people of Clark County."  She is, in fact, referring to those few people in the gerrymandered CTrans tax district, social-service dependent people who have enslaved the rest of the county to pay for THEIR transportation system by excluding the 100,000 plus "no" votes to their incessant and unnecessary tax increases to build their ever-growing empire.

Third: she wants as many people as possible to BELIEVE she actually gives a rat's ass what we want, so she uses terms that are not the same, interchangeably.  That is, she is deliberately confusing the phrase "people of Clark County" with the phrase "CTran," when the use of the term "CTran" and the "CTran Board" exclusively limit the vote she's sniveling about to the CTran district."

Fourth, she falsely prices the bridge scam at $3.5 billion when the price, with interest, is closer to $10 billion.

Fifth, she then broadens this crap by saying
"But folks in Southwest Washington should be allowed to participate in the process. I call on this region’s elected officials to give them the chance to be heard in March of 2012."
So, Cowlitz County is in SW Washington.  So is Skamania.  Does that mean she's demanding that those people be allowed to vote as well?

Of course not.  But what it DOES mean is that she wants people to actually believe their opinion matters.

It doesn't.

Because this is the fact of the matter:

The Camas Manikin could have put an end to this months ago:  All she had to do was insure that Steve "The Liar" Stuart kept to his campaign promise to have a vote this past November... made to help him get re-elected.

And how could she do that?

Simple: PUBLICLY tell both the Liars Stuart and Leave-it: No county-wide vote.... no federal cash.

And that she has failed to tell them that... plus her demand that this be put to a vote in March of all things, guaranteeing the smallest possible turn out for any election, instead of November, which would guarantee the largest possible turn out... all of that means three things:

First, Barbie supports this abortion, wants the tax increase and wants to get this waste of money built.

Second, she will cave and she will do nothing to act to withhold any money.

Third: she wants to use this situation as a political prop, period.

The Manikin's problem with me?  I've got 6 years on staff.  i can read this kind of crap and decipher it all day, every day.  And every time she has her people (Like SHE actually wrote any of this?) spew this kind of garbage, I'm going to be here to translate it.

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