Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The idiocy of Moeller and the morons working at the Hilton.

Clark County has 11% plus unemployment.

So, what do those who actually have a job at the taxpayer-owned white elephant Hilton do?

Protest their "low wages."

Apparently believing this to be Venezuela or the Third Reich, the union clowns working at the Hilton apparently are unable to ascertain that, in fact, there is no requirement that they work.

None at all.

Don't like what they pay you?

Don't like the benefits?

Don't like the schedule?

Then quit.

Along comes our resident neo-communist, Rep. Jim Moeller (Communist-49) who babbles thusly in support of these cretins:.

  • Jim Moeller · Top Commenter
    "Yep they should be happy they even have a job...." Really? I suppose they're right to a point but then, that's management's argument, is it not? As Jim Hightower would say "Even a slave has a job! What we're talking about here is wages!" Some of the critics of the hotel have called the Hilton "The People's Hotel" because the city owns it. I understand the Vancouver Hilton is frequently cited as a high performing hotel in the Hilton chain. However, when wages and benefit increases for management are far above what it will offer it's staff - It doesn't appear "the people" are in charge.

  • He's followed by Lew Waters, who obviously knows more about the economy and the Hilton's precarious position than Moeller:

    • Lew Waters · Top Commenter · Works at Curmudgeon & Blogger
      Where would the money for their 53% wage and benefit increase come from, Jim?

      Are you as equally perturbed over the city managers increase, while taxes and fees continue to rise?

      He deserves it. They deserve it. We deserve it.

      But, where does the money come from?


    Martin Hash said...

    If somebody wants to have demonstrations, and picket, and work the media for their cause, I don't have a problem with it - that's what makes America great. All sides need to get their message in front of public opinion, and controversially decisions need their day in Court to assure they meet Constitutional standards.

    Adversarial relationships WORK! It's what Capitialism is built on.

    Just a guy said...

    Their right to do so is unassailed here: I strapped on a uniform for 14 years to give them the privilege.

    It's the idiocy of complaining about a job's wages when, as I said, no one forces you to work, you can always quit... and Clark County is in double digit unemployment.

    To me, it's the same thing as a lottery winning millionaire bitching that others have won more, instead of being grateful for what they have.

    For, like the lottery winner, if the money ain't enough, then you can always give it away.

    And for the whining, sniveling punks at our tax-dollar subsidized Hilton, if you don't like the wages, benefits or conditions of you employment, then quit.

    And you can bet there would be a dozen or more applicants for each whining, sniveling vacancy... not unlike teachers, come to think of it.

    Martin Hash said...

    So, Kelly... What do you really think?

    (I think they're dicks too - it just doesn't bother me as much.)