Sunday, November 27, 2011

More idiocy from the democratian: we HAVE the government THEY wanted... and now they complain about it?

Let's look at the bidding, shall we?

Those clowns are complaining. Yet, of those people in charge of this Keystone Cops movie, who did they endorse?

That moron in the White House? Check.

That empty-headed cow in the Senate... who coincidentally, was the co-chair of this idiocy? Check.

That completely unprepared, uneducated, inexperienced ego maniac, Ridgefield Barbie? Check.

Apparently, this rag has yet to figure out the concept of cause and effect.

WE have the government THEY wanted.

Where do those slime get off complaining about it? They asked for it, they got it.

If there is any mystery here, it's the mystery where those clowns thought this would... or could... turn out any other way. It's like the rest of their fringe-left agenda: they're not concerned about the results. They're not concerned about the people (us) who have to suffer, in part, because of their agenda.

Those of us with more awareness than a board fence complain, cajole, organize... and what do we get from scum like Brancaccio and Laird? Backhanded.. like they know EVERYTHING... and WE know NOTHING.

I'm well aware of the tenets of the First Amendment. They have every right to bitch.

And I have every right to point out that THIS is the government that THEY wanted. And now that they've got it... what's your reaction?


You people really are hopeless.

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Lew Waters said...

As is often said, be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it.

What continues to amaze me, as much as they complain about the performance of these electeds, they still promote and endorse the very ones who they complain about their performance!