Friday, November 25, 2011

Another example of democratian idiocy? This garbage:

I've frequently concluded that the rag which infests this community lives in some alternate universe... and they provided another bit of evidence to that effect, just today.
In Our View: Occupy’s ‘moment’

Police use of pepper spray on peaceful protesters fuels sympathy for movement

Every significant political or social movement has its “moment,” that instance which sears the movement into the consciousness and helps define it for future generations.
For the Occupy movement, that moment may well have come a week ago, when riot police casually pepper-sprayed seated, non-violent protesters at the University of California at Davis. Video of the event went viral, sparking outrage at the callousness of the officers’ action and inciting questions about the use of pepper spray.
Typical of the idiocy whichever of the Three Stooges illustrate when we're unfortunate enough to see the words they spew with such callous disregard, they neglected to get the entire story:

UC-Davis Occupy protester admits they provoked police in pepper-spray incident

Elli Pearson, one of the Occupy protesters who was pepper-sprayed by police at UC-Davis, admitted to “Democracy Now!” that the protesters locked arms and sat down to surround the police, who were actually trying to leave the campus. The protesters then told the police that if they wanted to leave, they’d have to clear a path through the protesters:

Well we were protesting together and the riot cops came at us and we linked arms and sat down peacefully to protest their presence on our campus. And then at one point they were – we had encircled them and they were trying to leave and they were trying to clear a path. And so we sat down, linked arms and said that if they wanted to clear the path they would have to go through us. But we were on the ground, you know, heads down and all I could see was people telling me to cover my head, protect myself and put my head down. And the next thing I know we were pepper-sprayed.
These kinds of things have no place in the democratian's deliberations, because, like all of the inconvenient truths that confront us, they have no place in their conclusions.

And as a result: they come across like the blithering idiots they really, really are.

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