Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When your congresswoman is a cowardly total moron.

We're cursed with an empty-suited idiot as our representative in congress.

She's a coward, refusing to meet with the great, unwashed masses.  Her staff's efforts to control access to her are inexcusable... and inexplicable.

The article in the local democratian, which includes quotes from hypocritical former cowardman Brian Baird (who talks like he hadn't become a coward and didn't compare those opposed to Obamacare as Brown Shirts and so forth) lays it all out.

It shows an absolutely gutless performance and dictatorial effort to keep people wise enough to disagree with Ridgefield Barbie out of her face.

Her communications director/campaign manager is a complete fool who should be fired as soon as possible.  His portrayal of his boss as a cowardly moron is not the thing that POSITIVE legends are made of.

In any event, this is yet another chapter in the increasingly thick book of Ridgefield Barbie, who continues to show every day in every way that she's unfit for any elective office, let alone one like Congress.

Instead of seeking out the voice of the people she does everything she can to mute that voice... and that idiot running her communications seems proud of that:
On Friday The Chronicle in Centralia received a phone call from Herrera Beutler staffer and Communications Director Casey Bowman informing the newspaper of the meeting. Bowman asked that a meeting announcement not be placed in the paper. However, he did invite the paper to cover the event.
The Chronicle refused his request and published an announcement in Saturday’s paper.
The reason for not publishing an advance notice of the meeting was the fear that people from outside the immediate area could come and “just yell” at the congresswoman “whatever’s on their minds,” Bowman said Friday.
“When word gets in the paper, you get a certain set of people,” Bowman said.
Bowman, who also handled her anointment to the congressional seat ordained by her former boss, Cathy McMorris Rogers, apparently has confused constituents with "a certain set of people."

Do you think if I, for example, were a congressman that I wouldn't be holding regular town halls, open to all, in large venues to get the opinions (which I might not agree with but would at least hear) of those I work for?

Wouldn't you?

And then to try and coerce the newspaper into covering the event while keepin3 it silent?

Clearly, not every newspaper is a leftist rag like the democratian, which has repeatedly done that very thing.

Also of note was Bowman's questionable account of how people were, in fact, notified of this "coffee:" 5600 people were notified by phone of the meeting.

And 24 showed up.

No.... not 2400.... but 24.

And how pathetic was that?

Both Herrera AND Bowman should be fired immediately.

Because, particularly for Herrera, this is a stellar example of the old saw: If you can't stand the heat... then get the hell out of the kitchen.

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