Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When Rob McKenna gets stupid: His shop wrongly denied baptism permit for Reality Church in Olympia.

So, RINO Rob McKenna wants to be governor.  Screwing around with the law ain't the way to get there.

The Reality Chruch in Olympia wanted to use Capitol Lake for a picnic/barbecue and baptism ceremony: McKenna's minions said yes to the picnic/barbeque, but no to the baptism, wrongly telling the church that:
“No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise or instruction, or the support of any religious establishment.”
Any 3rd grader knows better.

McKenna SHOULD have exercised his prerogative, reversed that decision and had the permit issued.  End of story.

But he didn't. And one has to wonder why RINO Rob allowed that to happen.

Way to go, Rob.


Peter Van Nortwick said...

I have discussed this with Rob, and he indicated that his office gave a range of options. He disagreed with what the GA spokesman said and indicated it did not match his opinion. I asked Rep Ann Rivers to requested a clarification from his office on the issue and then Rob discussed it with her. She asked a week ago Monday. I will push to see if we can get the information back sooner then later. This is a top priority for me.

Just a guy said...

Fly paper, Peter.

Of whatever the "range of options" may have been, denial of the requested permit should not have been anywhere on the list, and McKenna should have immediately overruled the decision and got the permit issued.

I want someone besides Inslee to get this job. But McKenna's positions are heading left by the minute at a disheartening rate. And while even I understand the pragmatic elements of politics, I am too old and too beat up to get wildly enthusiastic about the "settle for" candidate.