Friday, August 19, 2011

The continuing self-delusion and reality failure of the democratian: Campbell lost because of his moronic position on the CRC and loot rail, period.

There is nothing... no argument, no set of facts, no scenario, that would peel the democratian off their moronic positions on replacing a bridge that does not need replacement while stuffing loot rail down our throats with it.

Pat Campbell shares that view. And he got his ass kicked at the polls because of it.

The rag, of course, refuses to acknowledge the impacts of the ever-increasing horrific news about financing our local bridge turd. So, forgetting how Campbell got elected in the first place, the rag tries to sell the idea that his defeat was based on his failure to campaign.

They write that nonsense forgetting all about how he was elected in the first place.

Among other things, they write:

Pat Campbell this year chose to avoid campaigning and let his service on the Vancouver City Council speak for itself.
It did.  And THAT is why he lost.

But to acknowledge that is to acknowledge how horrifically wrong they've been about the project that was Campbell's political undoing.

As a brief reminder, the two candidates who combined achieved 67% of the vote are somewhat more opposed to the proposition that wasting $8 to $10 billion on a project that will achieve none of it's aims... and doing that without asking us... is not a good idea.

Campbell was infected with the arrogance of a "Liar" leavitt, an inexhaustable ability to spend our money.

And THAT is what defeated him.

This kind of idiocy from the democratian represents why they've become such a cancer on our community.  They are ALWAYS right, ALL the time.

Even when, as this column proves, they're terribly, terribly wrong.

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Lew Waters said...

Tim Likeness just slapped Pat, telling him by state law, once you lose in the primary, you're done.

You cannot run a write-in campaign.

Any votes written in for him will be discarded.

If you recall, this came out last year after the local GOP screwed over David Castillo as they did.