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Tim "The Liar" Leavitt is a total slimeball: whined to Herrera that she should ignore the people and just do what he wants.

Readers of any duration know I'm not a big fan of Jaime Herrera.  But compared to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, she's a paragon of virtue.

While Herrera has yet to show any real strength, and easily has it within her power to force a county-wide vote by killing any federal funding for this massive waste of money, she has begun the process to provide herself with a thin veneer of cover by her weak, unsupported push to force the downtown mafia/Identity Vancouver types to put at least part of this stupidity to a vote.

Leavitt is by far the biggest liar SW Washington has ever seen in politics... and there has been a few.  But as a result of Herrera's efforts, as weak as they are, Vancouver's slimeball mayor wrote Herrera a letter that should earn him a kick in his tiny testicles.

Besides having the ethics of a snake, this moron actually seems to believe that the will of the people is a meaningless phrase, to only be used to help lie one's way into election.  The following is a letter the whiny little bitch sent to Herrera as a result of her letter to C-Trans, and I, personally, can't think of any other single event that would make me kill ALL of the federal funding for this thing faster than The Liar's sniveling.

June 29, 2011

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler
3rd Congressional District, Southwest Washington General O.O. Howard House 750 Anderson, Street, Suite B Vancouver, WA  98661

Subject:  Projects of Regional and National Significance (PNRS)

Dear Congresswoman:

I am writing in response to your most recent letter to the C-TRAN Board of Directors (BOD), dated June 15, 2011. Your first letter, dated May 12, 2011, stated support for the CRC project. That is appreciated and did not go unnoticed. 

However, your position on the matter of saving the PNRS program is both disappointing and perplexing.  Senators and Representatives throughout our Country have supported this bipartisan effort to save the PNRS program, recognizing that large-scale infrastructure projects with regional and national significance merit substantial federal financial support. Given your previous and public comments about the importance of the federal financial role in the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project, we believed you would be a champion for the supposition that indeed our federal government pay its fair share of these crucial transportation projects – projects that must meet competitive national criteria. An earmark was not requested.

Protecting the PNRS account would help our nation compete globally and will alleviate the burden on local communities like Clark County to unfairly fund large scale projects of national significance. Without question, Interstate 5 is a federal asset of national importance.  And according to your letter, we both agree that "...our region needs a new bridge that relieves congestion and moves freight efficiently."  However, without a PNRS account, it appears likely that this infrastructure  project will either stall -- costing even more money in the long run -- or our local residents will have to pay more of the burden.  I know we can do better. 

There are few projects around the country as important and nationally significant as the CRC project; both the President of the United States and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has highlighted our region’s project in their fiscal year 2012 budget.  As the transportation reauthorization bill moves through your committee, I hope you will reconsider the basis for your objection, re-calibrate your position, and join the large bi-partisan effort to protect the future economic vitality of SW Washington and our entire Country. Leadership from you is necessary.

Regarding your position on the matter of a sales tax increase for the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) light rail annual operating and maintenance (O&M) cost, I will remind you of both the legal and procedural steps that must occur before the C-TRAN BOD is fully informed to make a determination of the appropriate voting boundaries for the CRC light rail O&M sales tax increase. Specific to this issue, I suspect you may also receive a response from the C-TRAN BOD Chair, County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

The C-Tran Board has elected to place on the ballot for a public vote two (2) separate issues.

Most pressing and timely is a ballot measure that requests voter support for the preservation into the future of current levels of both fixed route and para-transit (Americans with Disabilities) service. The C-TRAN BOD has decided, as a nearly unanimous body, to focus all energies and effort on near-term success of this ballot measure. As would be expected, our public within the entire C-TRAN Service Area will voice their will on raising sales tax an amount of 0.2% -- or two pennies on a $10 retail purchase -- at the ballot box this coming November.  If not successful, the residents of SW Washington will realize dramatic cuts to transit service levels, on the order of 30-40%. It must be noted that if this measure is not successful, the mandatory cuts will clearly have the most impact on the already limited transit service to areas outside the urban core – residents in Yacolt, Battleground, Washougal, Camas and Ridgefield will suffer most. Thus, this ballot measure is of utmos t priority to the entire C-TRAN BOD.

The second ballot measure will request an increase in the sales tax to support both the CRC light rail annual O&M, and, the construction and annual O&M of bus rapid transit in the Fourth Plain corridor of Vancouver. Both the Vancouver City Council and the C-TRAN BOD have affirmed on numerous occasions, including with adoption of the CRC Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) in 2008, that high capacity transit is a vital component of an effective and efficient regional public transit system. The C-TRAN BOD, with support from the Vancouver City Council, agreed that including voters in a funding request of the CRC light rail transit annual O&M cost was prudent. Also, important to note is that during adoption of the CRC LPA, the C-TRAN Board did not make premature decisions about who was appropriate to ask for an increase in sales tax, nor when such a proposition would occur.

By statute of the State of Washington, prior to placing a high capacity transit-related measure before voters, an expert panel must be established that will review and approve any such plan for high capacity transit, including associated costs to implement that plan.  C-TRAN is in the process of putting a panel together, that includes the Washington State Secretary of Transportation and other individuals from around the state.  Once this state-mandated process is completed, the C-TRAN BOD will more fully understand and thus be better informed to make important decisions about the impacts and costs of high capacity transit in our County. When more factual data is collected and planning is completed, the time would be prudent for the C-TRAN BOD to take action on the high capacity transit located in the urban core of the City of Vancouver. 

Congresswoman, the citizens of Southwest Washington cannot afford the consequences of inaction to bring our regional infrastructure into the 21st Century. At stake is the viability of our economy and job growth, the cleanliness of the air we breathe and the waters of the Columbia River, the safety and reliability of driving vehicles throughout the Metro area, and quite simply – the quality of life we enjoy with our families, friends and neighbors. The Interstate 5 corridor is quite literally the life-blood of the entirety of SW Washington.

Our region must see this project come to fruition now, and the federal government must be a significant partner in both the needed highway and transit improvements. Working together I’m confident we will do what is indeed in the best interest of our future generations. I would appreciate a private meeting with you to further discuss this issue.


Timothy D. Leavitt, Mayor

Hopefully, her response went something like this:

Dear Mayor Leavitt,

Since you lied your way into office, it's clear to me that you are unfortunate enough that you truly do not believe you can, or should, be held accountable for your actions.  I disagree.

As a consequence of your despicable behavior during the course of your election and your subsequent arrival at your true position, which is to enslave the people of this region with injurious and unnecessary tolls, I have made the determination that as long as you remain in office in any capacity, anywhere, I will kill the funding for this unnecessary and monumental extension of your ego.

Meanwhile, do not ever darken my doorway or communicate with me again.  As it is, I will do all I can to stop any federal funding for ANY project that impacts Vancouver in any way as long as you are the mayor of that unfortunate city.

Thank you for your time.

Love, Jaime.

That's the kind of response The Liar's bullshit deserves.  Unfortunately, Jaime Herrera has yet to prove herself even capable of carrying Allen West's luggage, let alone punishing those who would attempt to intimidate her as a result of their corruption.

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