Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is it that veterans and active duty troops know that the civilian population can't seem to grasp?

That we have the worst president ever.

Obama's job approval among the military is even worse than among civilians

Obama greets US troops in Afghanistan

Some ominous political news for President Obama the day after he chose Memorial Day to name a new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

With just 15 months until the 2012 presidential election, Obama's overall job approval among Americans has sunk back down into the 40s.

But now a new poll of nearly a quarter-million Americans finds the commander-in-chief's job approval is even worse among members of the military, present and past.

A new Gallup poll finds that slightly more than a third of those military members (37%) approve of their commander's overall job from January of last year through April  2011.

This compares to Obama's 48% approval among nonmilitary Americans during the same period, Gallup reported.general martin Dempsey 5-11

The disapproval gap crosses all age groups. Men, especially veterans over 40, tend to disapprove of Obama more than women.
This would seem to indicate failure of this president's major public relations effort to be seen supporting veterans' affairs. On the Monday holiday the president did some business.

Obama announced he'd changed his mind about having Gen. Martin Dempsey (photo, right) as Army chief of staff. The veteran of two command cycles in Iraq had taken the top Army job less than two months ago.

Obama named him the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to replace Admiral Mike Mullen, who retires this fall. The president also visited Arlington National Cemetery for the traditional holiday wreath-laying and then got in some more golf.


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LewWaters said...

I'm glad Obama didn't let something like honoring those who gave their lives so he could be a free person interfere with his Golf.