Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Jon Russell taking a look at running against Joe Zarelli?

In response to a community corrections officer who fears his rice bowl is going to be taken away from him, Jon Russell, using one of his many fake nom de plumes, in this case, Citizen Judy, takes a swipe at 18th District Republican Senator Joe Zarelli for his vote on a senate bill, SB 5891.

The letter to the editor is typical of the half-truths of the desperate public employee, who views any effort to reduce costs as an effort directed at taking cash out of their wallet... even though that keeps more cash in our wallets.

That said, Jon Russell has been outed many times as hiding behind fake identities so he can comment at will on newspaper and blog sites; I busted him myself over making up the fake person "CitizenJudyBanks" during the course of his last, abysmal campaign.

What's of interest isn't his continuing lack of integrity.  That's par for his course.

What's of interest is that he keeps coming back.  And he keeps using fake names.  And he doesn't even bother to change them as if we won't notice.

It's really bad over at the Post Record, (Read the entire article, plus comments for just another example) where he seems to have taken simultaneous false identifications to comment on the same articles repeatedly.

But here in the democratian, we've got this to show for it:

Progressives? Are you kidding me???? Sen. Joe Zarelli is supporting 5891. Cutting supervision, letting criminals out early, rewarding offenders for violating supervision by counting jail time as supervision time. Zarelli supported 5288 last legislative session which let 10,000 felons off supervision in the community. So please ask your conservative Zarelli why he is supporting cuts in public safety. Criminals will thank him.
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To me, the bill is secondary to this swipe at Zarelli by Russell.  You would think that after the last debacle, Russell would have learned his lesson.

Maybe, apparently, Not.

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Lew Waters said...

Russell, against Zarelli?


Seriously, it wouldn't surprise me that he tried. His ego is amazing that he would even consider it.

But, he has said he will not run again for Washougal City Council and I have wondered what other office he thought he could grab.

But, against Zarelli?

Russell is qualified to wash his socks.

Just a guy said...

Well, there is no denying his ego. But there's also no denying that he posted this, as he has posted under so many fake names.

Which begs the issue: Why?

You know, at one time, Russell could have been somebody. He had a lot of the equipment.

But for whatever the reason, he needed to make himself "better" without actually being "better."

A fake degree; an incompetent job in charge of the Washougal checkbook, a failure to take any responsibility, fake names to attack opponents (and their seems to be so MANY opponents), using his city council as a campaign seat as a campaign prop, the constant reference to his wife as a doctor, the lies about everything from how much money he'd raised for his campaign to the bogus facebook personas, the portrayal as a "conservative" when he's made money off of and ran arguably the worst campaign in local history, the levy for the Port of Vancouver that would have resulted in the biggest tax increase in our local history.

Why? Why has he done all of this?

What's the point? Did he think we weren't watching him? Did he think no one would care?

Well... *I* care. And I am going to be watching a long.... long.... time.

Lew Waters said...

That should have been "Russell isn't qualified to wash his socks."

I too don't what happened with Jon. Ambition? Over eagerness? Greed? Power?

I don't know, but you are right. He could have been someone of note around these parts.

As I told him that morning I met him for coffee, he remains his own biggest political enemy.

Jon Russell said...

I am praying for you Kelly.

Jon Russell said...

I forgive you and I am praying for you Kelly.

Just a guy said...

That's nice, Jon. I appreciate that.

Meanwhile, if you'd stop posting this kind of thing under fake names, I wouldn't have nearly so much to post about.

Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...

If you have not been following the latest furor over at the Columbian, Jon Russell will no longer be able to post under his anonymous identity in a few weeks.

And if you do a further search with the columbian's search engine, you TO can find out other nice commentaries from the intrepid.