Friday, April 29, 2011

When legislative democrats ignore the law: Setting up pot shops - SB 5073.

Folks, it's against federal law to do this.  State law doesn't supersede federal law.  You've taken an oath, which you routinely ignore, to uphold the laws.

Gregoire is going to rightfully veto this back-door effort to legalize an illegal drug.

The Fed has told her the state is liable; these fake shops violate federal law, she's going to veto the law because she, at least, seems to have some basic understanding of how it works.

Strangely, those yelling the most to sign this law are those who'll be held liable the least for implementing it.

Kohl-Welles tells us:
"but I can't fathom that the federal government would send agents to arrest and then prosecute them for doing their jobs under state law. The governor is taking them totally serious, and I'm saying it's such a stretch that would happen."
And if it DID happen?

Then what?

Look, Senator, I get that you "can't fathom" this.  You're a fringe-left neo-communist from Seattle.  By definition, that proves that you can't "fathom" most things political or legal, because those concepts don't impact you in the least.

If you don't like the federal law causing this, then get it changed at the federal level.

Hamstrung by two utterly worthless do-nothing Senators who couldn't even get us a shuttle, the idea of getting the law changed is as likely as the left showing the sense of a board fence: not at all.

But Senator, you've sworn to uphold ALL of the laws... not just the ones you like.

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