Friday, March 25, 2011

Truth time, democratian: Rep. Jacks forced resignation is due to misconduct.

Former Rep. Jacks resigned due to misconduct that involved staffers and alcohol.

This has been confirmed to me by multiple sources.

Jacks is a democrat, so naturally the local Goebbelian propaganda arm will do anything they can to protect him or any other democrat... after all, didn't they insist on endorsing a democrat for Assessor WHO HAD NEVER VOTED IN THE ENTIRETY OF HER LIFE?

The allegations concerning Jacks range from repeated sexual harassment episodes, to inappropriate physical contact to all hours "drunk calls" to at least one female staffer.

The democratian likely knows this. The information is, in fact, readily available, and the democrat's efforts to keep it covered up, while expected and supported by the rag is hardly the kind of transparency exhibited during the episodes concerning Jim Dunn and Richard Curtis... so the double standard is both obvious... and blatant.

One episode involving Jacks is alleged to have occurred on St. Patrick's day and was observed by another democrat legislator and involved interaction that is alleged to have bordered on assault involving a female member of OPR, or the House Office of Program Research.

Others involve at least one other staffer, and include long term issues of harassment and inappropriate late night calls.

Multiple sources have confirmed to me that alcohol has played a part in all of this.

Since the democratian IS a democrat paper, I appreciate their efforts to protect one of their own. But any speculation is a result of Jacks' and the democrat's failure to tell the truth and be transparent about the misconduct of one of their own, the same way they demand Republicans at all levels to be held accountable for their misdeeds.

The fact is that the based on the representation of the 49th District, it's likely they'd have no difficulty electing someone who had molested a girl scout troop. Jacks' sudden departure speaks to a far more serious series of issues; otherwise, he would have easily weathered the storm, rode it out and continued to serve.

That he bailed out with no notice speaks to the both the severity of the issues and the fact that the democrats do NOT want this kind of thing hanging over their heads in what's shaping up to be one of their most difficult election cycles since 1994.

I'm just sorry I'm doing the democratian's job for them. And if the rag doesn't know this stuff, it's because they don't WANT to know, or they're doing what their democrat masters are telling them to do.

Memo to the democrats: The only way you can make this disappear in a hurry is to spill all of it, now. Otherwise, it will NOT go away, and what the paper is calling "speculation" which is very close to factual, will continue to run rampant and continue to be an election issue.

You people know this... so do I... so why play games about it? Spill it all, get it over with. You got rid of the main problem... don't let it last any longer then you have to.

For more details, go to Lew Waters Blog.


Lew Waters said...

That the Columbian knows the reasons and is sitting on them is obvious. Out of all of the newspapers running this today, ONLY the Columbian featured a photo of Jacks with his small daughters, trying to paint him as a good family man.

Every other paper used his campaign photo of just him.

Rumors of him acting in this manner have been around town for a long time. It would appear now they caught up to him.

What I find odd, though, is he resigned. Most Democrats wear such conduct as a badge of honor.

Just a guy said...

Agreed. It must really, really be bad.

And the fact is this: had the democrats and this paper actually put all the information out there, this would blow over after a few days.

But since they insist on covering for Jacks, it isn't going to go away until 2012.

People, including reporters at places that actually practice journalism, will dig and scrape and dig and scrape and then, when THEY publish these verified facts Jacks, the democrats AND the democratian will get smacked for all of this all over again.

Martin Hash said...

You're are missing the point. It's not that Democrats fear bad press about Jim - my goodness, he resigned. The real turbulence is who will replace him?

Jim wasn't an idiot like Dunn, or a stiff like Curtis. You may have thought of him as just a junior Assembleman but the guy had real talent and intelligence.

Just a guy said...

What does his replacement issues have to do with hiding what Jacks did?

And hiding this stuff does nothing to help the democrats OR whoever his replacement might be.

TRANSPARENCY shouldn't be a sometimes thing in government. It should be an ALL the time thing.

And this is the opposite of that.