Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Multiple sources call me this a.m.: Lisa Schmidt to run against Tim Probst. Bad idea.

So, Lisa Schmidt is going to be making the rounds, shilling the caucus for support.

Bad idea.

Schmidt was a part of Keath Huff's cabal that attempted to destroy Ann Rivers by beating her to death with me.

They seemed to have some difficulty with my efforts to provide the non-Kool Aid drinking view of Ridgefield Barbie.  The democratian picked that up and ran wild with it.  Fortunately, and not surprisingly, they were unsuccessful.  Equally unfortunate (and as time goes on, more people are coming to know I was right)  I was temporarily unsuccessful as well... but you have to love the 1st Amendment.

So, out of my innate sense of fairness, I do believe that I will do the same for Lisa (I've got to think up a dandy little nick name for her... any suggestions?) as she attempted to do for me.

Just think.  We've got 17 months of fun ahead of us.

Besides... right now, I think that Brian Peck has learned many lessons, and he should get another shot.

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LewWaters said...

I honestly believe that had the Clark GOP not be so heavily focused on the princess, we could have picked up 2 seat, Peck and Riley against Probst and Moeller.

The overall majority of support was for Herrera over everybody else.

Of course, seeing Ryan Hart appointed as her district manager explained to me why it was so important to them.

Just a guy said...