Monday, March 28, 2011

La Center city government, a wholly owned tribal subsidiary.

Irish finally gets his wish.

Jim Irish has been in the tribe's pocket since this issue was first raised, several years ago, so the irony of the headline "La Center, Cowlitz tribe leaders eager for talks" is difficult to get past... since "talks" between that criminal enterprise and Irish never stopped... even when the city council ordered that no contact take place.

Irish's desire to sell out his community and Southwest Washington appropriately centers around sewage... and that's what this deal will be: so much sewage.

The tribe has a history... a history of lies, exaggerations, intimidation. And this guy and the government they obviously own are "eager" to negotiate with proven thugs? Out of state and out of area people who have spent hundreds of thousands to buy local elections, a group of people who will not have to live in the cesspool of traffic, social service and housing needs that THEY are going to require to economically rape US?

And when this issue loses in court... and it WILL lose in court (One rarely succeed by ignoring a Supreme Court decision) when Interior's nonsensical decision is overturned? Then what?

If this fiscal whorehouse is built, and they demand to use ALL of the sewage capacity, leaving none for development out at the junction.... then what?

It's all kumbiyah right now. But the vultures working for the tribes are professionals... Irish and his band of children? Not even rank amateurs.

La Center is about to get its pockets picked clean. And what will these fine people do when they wake up and find their city gone? Who will they blame then?

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