Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inside the plane, they couldn't hear the screams.

This is, as I understand it, the 30th consecutive day of rain here locally.  I feel the urge to start building a large boat in my back yard and putting pairs of animals of different genders into it.

Times like these give me pause.  And when I have this kind of down time, I frequently think of Marine Second Lieutenant Jim Cathey and his wife, Katherine.

And that's why I believe you should read this story... as I have... so you will never forget.

Marine Second Lieutenant Jim Cathey... coming home

It is long for a newspaper story... and it serves as a reminder of what sacrifice means, and what a real newspaper, which we unfortunately do not have around here, should be.

This cannot help but impact you deeply.  Best not to read it at work.

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Blogging around the Pacific Northwest said...


Thank you for posting this article on your blog.

I loved spending time reading this long article about several young men near my age who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, their futures and their families up to help us out as a nation.

I have four close friends who are about similar age to the several of the occupants in this article who are serving either finishing Iraq, currently in Afghanistan or other military conflicts around the world. Some might say, I am lucky that I have not lost a one of them yet due to some form of mishap.

But I feel so sorry and sad for the parents, family, friends and spouses of local kids who they lost. It sadness you simply can't wish away.

Guess you might say I am having a hard time continuing to write more. I wish more of the Pacific Northwest papers could write some thing so beautiful like that long article. It is too bad that the Rocky Mountain News is no longer....